Welcome to historyfacebook!
This is what the ancient to contemporary peoples would have created if facebook had existed back in the day, and if large groups of people ever got together to create a shared page for their culture, religion, political group. This was a project, but is now a tool. We the AP World History students and teacher of Burlington High School invite history dorks everywhere to see the connections, explore the relationships, and enjoy the patterns that exist in history. Over two hundred peoples, including religions, cultural and ethnic groups, and now even some inventions/artifacts are represented here. Please feel free to use this space in whatever way you can to learn. We had a thought provoking time making it and hope that it is useful to others, and not just to prepare for the AP test.

Here are the instructions that students were given:
Your task is to create pages for the peoples (not individual people, but groups) who have been influential in the past. You will each do one to begin with, and we will keep growing. This is a collaborative effort between periods and over years. Here is a template for you to follow, then please add your own content that is relevant and accurate. The trick here, and what makes it like facebook, is that you will link your peoples to others. There has to be a reason though, they needed to have traded with or influenced each other in an important way...just like your friends on facebook. The only real difference is that you will have a bibliography here. If you are doing this for a book project, you are creating a minimum of three pages for different groups of peoples. Remember, no one person has a page here, but groups of people do. Show your three themes in your pages and find friends for your people to establish the connections. As you do in facebook, stay in the present tense; you are writing as though you are the group you are creating a page for.
Have fun and good luck, rzg

To begin: (if you are the type to get easily frustrated, or computers sorta scare you, go click on help (up above the potted plant) and watch the tutorials. Short and sweet, they will help you get started...for everyone else:
Click Example Page
Select all the text and copy it to your clipboard.
Press New Page in the Actions Menu.
Label your new page with the name of your peoples (do not include "the").
Paste the text from your clipboard.
Change the example text to your own text.
Be sure to save your changes frequently.
The "floating toolbar" is useful when you have written a bunch.
If you want to delete your page email me and I will delete it.
If your formatting gets all wonky, "cancel" refresh the page and create a new page. Just a reminder that this works best in Firefox and not at all in Safari, Explorer is fine.
To list your page (peoples) on the list to the left, go down to "edit navigation" and add yourself. (PLEASE DO THIS!)
You can also just click on the space.menu page that comes up on the "recently changed" Do it alphabetically please. Thanks!
Make sure to link to friends and post on walls everywhere...come on, this is the entire point! Make friends, insert video from other places online by clicking on the little tv icon to insert any kind of widget. Be creative in your posts and always stick to present tense even if you have been dead for thousands of years. Keep up the excellent work!