Our dynasty has many different technologies such as an adopted numbering system from India based on zeros. We also have use of technologies such as the compass and papermaking acquired from China. Our society has not made many technological advances of its own, however, we have made many advances in art architecture, and literature. We are very interested in philosophies and have the complete written works of many great philosophers such as Aristotle.
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technologically advanced coin
Our culture is very similar to that of the Islamic faith. We follow the same religious laws and way of life, but we do not believe in many Sunni ideas. However the merchant is an important person and pilgrimages to our homeland in Mecca is something all must do if they are healthy, and have the financial means. In our society woman are not very important. There place is at home taking care of her husband, and children. We pride ourselves on the fact that there our very few outspoken women in our society, as it should be.

Blog 1:
Our dynasty is located in the Fertile Crescent and center of the Islamic world, an area now know as the Middle East. It has arisen following the Turkish armies overthrow of the Umayyad Dynasty. We are of course more in sync with Muhammad (although not actually related to him, and don't really like him) then they are, and therefore more deserving of rule of the empire. It was a long fight for rule against those infuriating Umayyad, but with the help of great rulers such as Abbas as-Saffah, we crushed them in the end.

Blog 2:
Keeping up a dynasty is tough work. Many civilizations that were once part of our dynasty have broken off and founded the separate kingdom of Khorosan. However, this north Persian kingdom is of no consequence to us. Theses states are obviously not good enough to be a part of our empire anyway. Although, we are facing problems other than this, the most major being a cultural battle between Arabs and non Arabs. If we don’t get it together our kingdom could disintegrate.

Blog 3:
February 10th 1258 will be marked as a devastating blow in all of history, for today is the day when the great Abbasid Dynasty fell. Our great city of Baghdad has been ransacked by the Mongols under their leader Hulegu Khan. However even after this occurrence we still held on strong. Well until our great leader Motawakki III was captured this, at last, this caused our fall. However, we hope none shall believe we fell to the Mongols because we were weak, but because we were not prepared.

Abbasid Dynasty (758-1258)

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The span of our Dynasty


Umayyad Dynasty
Islamic Empire
Turkey (Turks)
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We Abbasids follow the great faith of Islam. As a small sect of Islam we originally come from the holy city of Mecca, and make up a large part of the Shiite sect of our faith. Although we hold little stock in the prophet Muhammad, we do follow the example of his Uncle, al-'Abbas. We are also more accepting than others of our faith. For example even non-Arab Muslims have a place in our empire.
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holy man


=The Wall=Ilkhanate of Persia - You may claim to have been unprepared, but even if you were ready you could not have withstood the might of the Mongols and our great leader, the ilkhan, Hulegu Khan. We utterly decimated you, instilling fear into your people and erasing all hope of rebellion. We will rule here and create a better and larger empire than you could have ever dreamed of. Unprepared ... pshhh ... we are superior. You should accept that.
Golden Horde - Dudes, sorry about are mogol breathren sacking your capital city and destroying your empire, we really feel for you. Our leader, Berke coverted to Islam and we are outraged at this blatent attack on members of the true faith. We will avenge you and destroy that Batu and his Ilkhanate, the posers.

Gee, the span of your dynasty looks awfully similar to the span of our dynasty. O yeah, because YOU took us over! Just because we were going through a rough spot, with greedy caliphates and whatnot, doesn't mean we were through being a dynasty! We had many more years to go, but noooo, you just had to take over huh? O well. If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't even have an empire. Whatever. -Umayyad Dynasty
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