The Achaemenid Empire (558-330 B.C.E.)

Persepolis, Darius's Capitol City.


The Middle East, our basic region of control


Qanat, or a system of irrigation, was developed by our engineers who brilliantly were able to increase agricultural production as a result. Our advances in iron metallurgy, which led to weapons of iron, and sturdier arrows, allowed us to have an army for years that was stronger than any other in the world.


This was a huge empire that encompassed many different cultures. The Intelligent leaders of this empire decided that as long as the people payed their taxes, that the government would respect the cultural dieties and customs of the area. Also, in these different regions, the empire was portrayed as intrinsically similar to that specific culture. For example, in Babylon, the Persian conquerors portrayed themselves as representatives of the patron deity of Babylon called Marduk.


The strong emperors of our dynasty were religiously tolerant of the lands they conquered. The religions were usually polytheistic, but also Zoroastrianism was prominent. Often rulers adopt the appearance of being part of the local religion in order to show cultural similarities between the people and their king.


Blog Entry One. Today I have decided that our government needs to overhaul this current system of taxation. The sporatic gifts which we recieve from different groups of subject peoples needs to be more regular, in order to support my governing administration. It is expensive to run a government! Now what I will do, is collect formal tax levies annually from every satrapy in my empire. It will be paid in silver, as well as slaves and horses, in order to make sure all provinces pay the same amount. In order to do this, I have implemented a standardedized coin system. Blog Entry Two. I need a new center for my empire. Everyone needs to be shown the full extent of what kind of power and wealth I have amassed through my victorious campaigns. The way to do this is to build a city unlike any other. I will call it Persepolis, and it will be a monument to the great Achaemenid dynasty. It is here that I can safely store my treasury with taxes I have collected from all of the different peoples who serve me. There will be lavish palaces as well as government buildings, and the sight of it will make people thousands of years in the future be in awe of my magnificence! Blog Entry Three Those satraps have been getting on my nerves. I give these men some of the most powerful positions in the world, and then they think to ally with the locals against me? And those locals, when I give them positions in my distinguished government, just want to betray me? I will not tolerate it. I have sent a contingent of military officials and tax collecters to each satrapy in order to keep a watchful eye on these people. I have also created a secret intelligence service which is loyal only to me, and will inform me of the inner workings of secret rebellions at the local level.

The Wall

We could say that Alexander the Great was a bit inspired by your Xerxes. Our empires did become part of one large empire for a while, and a tad unfortunate you, it was under our rule. Sorry about burning your palace at Persepolis, but how else would you have admitted defeat? You have to admitt it wasn't that bad having a Macedonian as an emperor. Alexander did create a lot of cities, and he was trying to unite Persians, Macedonians, and Greeks. - Macedonians

Aright, so these psycho people, the Parthians, are full of it. They think they're the rightful ancestors of you guys, but you and I both know that WE are your true descendants. Just don't listen to a thing they say. They don't deserve land, they don't deserve respect. We conquered them, so obviously they're not as cool as us. WE are your descendants. Don't let them tell you otherwise. -Sasanid Empire
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