Afrikaner_commandos.jpg Boer guerillas of the Second Boer War.

Africa-450-SouthAfrica.jpg Our settlement was founded by a Dutch East India Company on the tip of South Africa, and was used at a port to stop at on the way to India. Although this was advantageous to us, it also attracted our arch enemies: the British!




Our scientific culture consists of many controversial topics, such as race science, population genetics, and eugenics, which is similar in concept to selective breeding.


Our society is very Patriarchal, and children are extremely respectful to their elders, especially their parents. Our language, Afrikaans, is a dialect of Dutch that developed when we moved to South Africa from Europe. Afrikaans was heavily influences by the Malay peoples (who we enslaved to do our farm work) and the Khoikhoi people, who we met when we first came here. We decided not to enslave them (but they did work as indentured servants on our farms).


Although we are of a few different national backgorunds, we all worship together. Religion was what unified us from the beginning, since most of us are here after being outcasted from European, Catholic society. We are mostly Christian, Protestant, Calvinist, and Evangelist.


1700: The past few years have been exciting. We have gotten visitors! When we, the Dutch East India Company, first established this place, we though it would just be us on this obscure part of the world (hey, we only wanted it for it's location between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans). These people who vistited us were from Europe also, but they were here for a much different reason. They were being persecuted in Europe for being Protestant! Seeing as they practiced the same religion as we did, we allowed them to stay, and we have been friends ever since.

March 23, 1881: Today was a momentous day. We have finally defeated the British! After their arrival in South Africa, and after they decided to free all the slaves, we decided to move north and establish ourselves away from them. decided to annex South Africa to their empire. At first we just migrated north to establish ourselves elsewhere, but we after that, we soon decided that it would be better if the British just left. So on December 16, 1880, we declared our independence. I must admit, I did not think that we would would be very successful against the British army, but it turned our that our knowledge of the area, and our superb aim surpassed even that of the British. That's what they get for wearing those bright red uniforms.

1910: Those Britishers really know how to get what they want. Defeating us in the Second Boer War wasn't enough for them. They had to kill off thousands and thousands of our people. They destroyed the soil, and taken us to concentration camps, where most of us died of hunger and disease. And to make matters worse, they annexed us to their empire, and we cannot stop them this time. More British settlers are comming every month, and pretty soon the culture of our people with be blended into that of the British, and lost almost entirely.

The Wall


Boyd Jenkins, Orville. 2004
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