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Allied Powers

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Allied powers of World War II (in red)

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Allied troops fighting in Germany


United States
New Zealand


Our technological advances have allowed us to develop the powerful and devastating atomic bomb.
Our technological advances have allowed us to develop the powerful and devastating atomic bomb.

Our technological advances have allowed us to develop the powerful and devastating atomic bomb.
A lot of the technology that we develop started during the war. Sonar and radar advancements allowed us to track the enemy more easily. We are also the inventors of the walkie talkie. Our most powerful creation was the Atomic bomb, which we used against Japan in the Pacific theater. We have also made advancements in both air and naval battle tactics. We have produced 220,000 tanks during the war against the Axis's 50,000 tanks. We have also produced 250,000 planes and 260,000 artillery pieces for the war.


We are a proud group of nations. We are responsible for stopping the growth of Germany. We were responsible for dealing with the losers (Germany, of course). We divided Germany up into several different zones that are controlled by each of us.

Since there are so many of us from all different parts of the world, we, as separate countries, have a vast number of different beliefs, religions, and lifestyles (see specific groups).


Since we are from different parts of the world we have different religions. Many of us from Britain are Protestant. If we are from France we are primarily Catholic, and if we are from China we are mostly Buddhist. Even so, there is such a vast majority of us with so many different cultures and locations in the world that there are so many different religions practiced by us. We are united by a cause, not a religion, and that allows us to overlook such differences and stand together as one!


  • Fall 1938: Unfortunately we probably could have stopped Hitler if we didn't appease him when he first came to power. Instead of trying to stop him we allowed his power to grow and for him to take over Germany. We should have stopped him before he started this Nazi regime. Now he is starting these concentration camps and a War that just may be the largest war the world has ever seen.

  • Summer 1945: The United States has just developed this new invention called the Atomic bomb. They are planning on dropping two of them on Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These bombs could create disastrous effects and have the potential to kill thousands. However, the U.S. warned Japan and has decided to take action.

  • Fall 1945: So glad this war is finally over. We are victorious and we must make sure this never happens again. We are planning on dividing Germany up into zones for each of the allies. They shall never again attack us. We are victorious because we are strong. The U.S. and Russia now are the two most powerful nations in the world!

The Wall

Hey, what's up, mate? We just wanted to say that we'll be there tomorrow, you know, fighting. Japan has promised that they won't bother us, so we decided it was time to see you up in Europe. But just so you know, it's just business. We hope that this whole thing will be over soon. So TTYL! -Australia

We want out of this. We're gonna work on our own from now on. We know that our rivalry has become too strong. Yes, we're breaking up with you. It's time to change your relationship status. This is not over, though. -Soviets

On behalf of our European religious representatives, we would like to thank you. Although your intentions may have been different for finishing Hitler's rule, we thank you on behalf of our survivors for ending this cruel time in history. Also, thank you for taking some of our friends into your lands and providing safe places for them to go, although we sadly say it was not enough. Still, we want you to know that you efforts are appreciated. If only so many more could have been saved...-Judaism

Hey. Yeah you. What is wrong with you? We may have displeased you during our wars but there is no reason for you to kill thousands of our innocent people. Life in Japan will be affected for decades to come. We can feel it in the air. You may have defeated us, but your terrible acts will stay with us forever. -Japan (Meiji era)

We just can't believe you won. We are such a mighty nation. Still, we are worn out. We feel that the worst is over now between us. We are trying to recover from Hitler's rule. And our economy is on edge, to say the least. Our population is greatly affected and we are finally seeing the return of many of the soldiers we thought were lost. So that's it. It's over, isn't it?...-Germany


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