Mom and Dad! Look at those two kids in love..
This is where we live.


United States


We have no modern technology. We tend to avoid modern technologies..Our teenagers can experiment with the outside world during what is called Rumspringa. We avoid the telephone and electricity... we want to avoid connection with the outside world.

Amish Paradise!! (Weird Al)


We have a conservative way of dressing. We sometimes do not allow buttons, we prefer hooks and eyes as method of closure. We do not want to show vain display. Women wear blue, and they have to go down to calf-length. Men wear dark-colored pants and a dark vest or coat, suspenders and some really cool broad rimmed hats. Kids go barefoot in the summer. We speak English and a Pennsylvanian German or Dutch.


We are Anabaptist Christian!


I don't know how I am writing this blog. I am chiseling it into stone, because I do not believe in technology. I don't even know what a blog is. I don't like the internet. It connects me to the outside world, and I do not want to be connected to the outside world. People are going to shun me if they find out I am at a public library using a computer. My parents said that they would disown me and my friends will hate me and think that I am spending time with the devil. I am not a bad person I swear! Well, I don't swear, that is bad. Ok, I have to go. -- Jebediah

I just went to a wedding today. The bride wore blue and it was on a Thursday in autumn. It was very lovely. I enjoyed hearing bible verses. She's gonna wear the dress again because they wear their wedding dresses more than once. It was new for this occasion though. We ate a lot of celery because there is an abundance of it before weddings. It was a nice ceremony -- Jebediah

It's sad. My brother is in eighth grade and it's his last year. Once we get past eighth grade we don't go to school anymore. We've basically learned all the knowledge that we need to know and only some of us go on to high school. THe school is operate by the people in the town. They teach us many crafts. Also some kids even venture outside of the town and go to to non-Amish schools! Oh my goodness! Out in the other world!!! That's scary. I need to go now and pray. --Jebediah

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