Angkor Kingdom 889 - 1431 C.E.

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Temple dedicated to Vishnu at Angkor Wat


Chola Kingdom
Islamic Empire


We have a moat 328 feet wide, which is inhabited by savage crocodiles.
One of our many moats!
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We also built houses, roads, canals and fine temples.
A road!
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Our magnificent monuments eloquently show the influence of Indian traditions in southeast Asia. Angkor Thom, the “Great Walled City” and our capital, was built by our greatest king, Jayavarman VII. It covers almost 4 square miles. It is enclosed by a square wall 26 feet high and 7.5 miles in length, topped by a terrace to hold troops to defend our capital. Four huge gates, face in each direction. Huge carvings of four-faced heads and three-headed elephants are mounted to watch in all directions. Our city of Angkor Wat was created as a paradise on earth, by our kings who built magnificent palaces and temples.


Our city, Angkor Wat, is a reflection of Hindu world order. We Turned to Buddhism during the twelfth and thirteenth century. Khmers added Buddhist temples, but did not remove earlier structures inspired by Hinduism. Islam is also practiced.


Blog # 1
Our kingdom was built by Khmers at Angkor Thom, and then later at Angkor Wat. map.jpg

Blog # 2
We are at our peak! The city of Angkor Wat contains about 50,000 residents. Our crowning glory is the enigmatic heads of the Bayon, which took 21 years to build.

Blog # 3
Oh no! Our kingdom is declining. To complete the heads of Bayon, our Prince took thousands of peasants from the rice fields. This is unintentionally causing our kingdom’s end. The rice yields are decreasing, and without resources to support it, the empire is beginning a gradual decline. Now Thais has invaded the capital (1431), and the Khmers are fleeing.

The Wall

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