Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (400 C.E. - 1066 C.E.)

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Parade Helmet for King Raedwald, a ruler during the Anglo-Saxon dominion of England

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Map showing the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms before the viking conquest




We had very little technology to speak of because we lived during the period known as the Dark Ages. As you can tell by the name it wasn't a time of great hope and prosperity, we faced times of hardship and degradation. We had castles construced of wood that were used as the strong holds of the various kingdoms.


We came over from Germanic lands originally as mercenaries, hired by Prince Vortigern. But that relationship didn't work out to well and we seized lands on the southern end of England and started a mass migration of our peoples. We brought with us, folk-knowledge and lore telling of the many gods of the world, laws and history. We did not write very much until our conversion to Christianity in 800 C.E., when we began writing manuscripts on theology and history. In some stories that have survived, we have female protagonists revealing a much looser enforcement of gender roles than in other, contemporary societies.


Originally, when we first migrated to England, we had a religion based on Germanic paganism popular in our homeland. We believed in several gods simmilar to those of Norse mythology. In fact, the days of the week are thought to have origionated with the names of our gods. By 800 C.E., most of us had converted to Christianity, making it the major religion in England.


Blog Entry One:
495 C.E. -- Our migration to England has been momentarily halted due to our loss at the Battle of Mount Badon. We were soundly defeated by the Britons and this development has frightened many potential migrants away and stemmed the influx Germanic peoples onto this island. But we are not worried we are sure that we will shortly defeat the Britons and re-establish our superiority.
Blog Entry Two:
600 C.E. -- Our people have been systematically converted to the new religion of Christianity over the past hundred years, and now the conversion is basically complete. We have become Christian Kingdoms. Our old religion, related to Norse mythology, was inadaquate and paganistic. There is only one God, and one path to salvation. Whoever does not recognize the truth of Christianity is guilty of heresy and will be hunted down and killed.
Blog Entry Three:
896 C.E. -- The Danish Vikings have finally retreated. After years of war and fear, they are finally gone. We owe it all to our king, lord of Essex, Alfred the Great. He organized the defense of Essex and consolidated his power throughout the kingdom, creating defensible strongholds and fortified towns. He also outmanuvered the Vikings at every turn eventually causing them to fall back. I would be surprised if the tactics he used to hold strong against these invaders is not utalized for years to come.

The Wall

Vikings: AY!!! you have no idea what you speak of. We are only taking over land that could not be controlled to begin with. We are the proper kings of your land. Your word is nothing to that of the vikings! we will conquer all of these lands including yours.. and will not stop until we rule everything!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE VIKINGS!!! KINGS OF THE WORLD!
. 28 April 2007

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