Antigonid Empire (306 B.C.E. - 276 B.C.E)

external image 250px-Antigone_le_Borgne_(pi%C3%A8ce).jpg
Coin bearing the image of Antigonus I Monophthalmus,founder of the Antigonid Empire

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Map showing empires around the Mediterranean Sea, Antigonid Empire is in pink


Hellenistic Empire
Ptolemaic Empire
Seleucid Empire


We really made no significant technological advancements, as we are a small empire and arehighly engaged in trade, we were able to become wealthy with existing technology. However, since we encompass the lands of Macedonia and Greece (two areas known for their prowess in war) we have utilized much of their wartime technology for our armies. But, when we invaded the Rhodians for abandoning us, we used improved seige engines such as a massive battering ram, whose size is unrivaled throughout the world.


We have a culture based on a combanation of Greek and Macedonian ideals. Philosophy plays a prominant role in our lives, with systematic thought and reason controling most aspect of our lives. We are a trade based culture because our land is not very good for agriculture, and the variety of goods produced by our people attracts many potential buyers.


Our empire enveloped Greece and Macedon, two areas that have a strong paganistic religion, that serve as the primary base of religion for the whole empire. We also have a variety of philosophical beliefs in our empire because we encompass the world’s greatest center of philosophical thought.


Blog Entry One:
306 B.C.E. - I, Antigonus I Monnphthalmus, after my conquest of Cyprus, have declared myself King of Macedon and heir to the great realm of Alexander the Great. I shall reunite the farthest corners of his expansive kingdom under my rule. I have prepared a great army and a powerful fleet, and as I speak they are going forth to make war with the Egyptian subjects of Ptolemy under the command of my son Demetrius.

Blog Entry Two:
301 B.C.E. – My father is dead and his dreams of reuniting the glorious empire of Alexander are shattered. Antigonus, while commanding the army at Ipsus, was hit by a javelin and I, Demetrius, assumed power. I was lucky to escape the disastrous battle with my life, but the empire I had accumulated was divided up by the victorious coalition including Seleucus and Cassander. Now I have start building again from scratch.

Blog Entry Three:

294 B.C.E. – I have finally succeeded in regaining control of Athens held by the tyrant Lachares. My army starved him out by creating a blockade, then, in my infinite benevolence I pardoned the people for Athens for their betrayal after my defeat at Ipsus. A short time later I also managed to take the kingdom of Macedon because the king, Antipater II, died under curious circumstances that have absolutely no connection to me.

The Wall

-Hey guys. I just wanted to know that we can be friends now, cause we're cool with you guys. I mean, we didn't like you back in the day when your fruit of a king, Antigonus I Monphthalmus, tried to conquer my lands. Cause, come on, who wants to be conquered, right? So we had to fight back and destroy you and your army. Sorry about that. But really, we should become friends because of our common Greek and Hellenistic ancestry and culture. We ought to be allies, not enemies, right? Cause we're all white, or at least the rulers of our empires are, if not the subjects. So, let's make a truce and get some trading pacts/treaties going, and we can stimulate both of our economies by trading with each other. I know you guys have crappy soil for growing legitimate food, and we have our beastly Nile River that provides us with nutrient-rich silt, so we can give you guys lots of grains and other food products. And I know that even though you have crappy soil, you can grow some sick olives and grapes. So you can give us mad olive oil, extra virgin, of course, and lots and lots of wine, and we'll be happy. We also like your pottery (hint hint, wink wink). And remember, we have large stockpiles of gold from Nubia! So lets start exchanging some goodies and make both of our empires even more prosperous than they already are. It's a win-win situation, right? Awesome. Peace out.- Ptolemaic Empire

-Thank you for extending your hands in friendship to us. We are looking forward to leaving the conflicts between our two peoples in the past and beginning on a new page. We find your apology to be sincere and accept it as legitimate. We also acknowledge that our two empires have the potential to become very prosperous if we cooperate in trade. We are aware that your lands possess large orchards of grapes and also are home to massive vineyards. As you know, our dominion extends far to the east, and as a result, we have control over a relatively exceptional plethora of natural resources. Our Mesopotamian region is especially fertile and produces huge quantities of food for export. We agree to your trading offer, and will openly exchange goods with you. Remember, however, that we have crushed you previously, and will not hesitate to do so once more if we are so instigated.- Seleucid Empire
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