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external image noscript?tag=historyforkidsWe are the Aryans , or the noble/spiritual ones.

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This is where we are located. India is not that thin.
We started the Caste System .We have four main varnas, they are the brahmins (priests), kshatriyas (warriors and aristocrats), vaishyas (cultivators, artisans, and merchants), shudras (landless peasants and serfs). We added the category of the untouchables because we can. DEAL WITH IT! We had a male-dominant society with ritual sacrifices. We were a warlike people that organized ourselves in individual tribal, kinship units, the jana. The jana was ruled over by a war-chief.. The basic social unit of our culture, the jana, slowly developed from an organization based on kinship to one based on geography.Go figure. We had a well-developed musical culture, and song and dance dominated our society. we were not greatly invested in the visual arts , but our interest in lyric poetry was unmatched. We loved gambling, however, we unfortunately didn't have much interest in writing even though we could have inherited a civilization and a writing system when we originally settled India.


Maurya Dynasty


Our technology exceeded the Harappans: we had iron and spoked wheels.



WE had a very primitive religion that is based on the worship of nature. The Vedas, a collection of hymns were composed in pre-classical Sanskrit during the second millennium BC.The elements were our early gods, of whom Surya, the Sun -God, is the most important. He is the son of Aditi (the Sky Goddess) and Dyaus (the God of light in the sky).


Blog1-The caste system is making me feel worthless and is making my status even worst than before. I am ashudra or a peasent in the eyes of the the brahmins . I pray to Surya everyday so that maybe one day , he will help me from surive in this horrible place. I must get back to finding a job , because without food well this message I am giving you would not exist.
Blog2- This job is very hard and I do not know how much longer I can do it. I rather be listening to the music outside of these damn walls, and watch people sing and dance in the streat. I wish i can read some of my poetry i know the people outside would enjoy it. Nobody will take me seriously though because of my status in society. I used to have money , I used to be high class, but then i gambled it all when I bet on a match . I lost everything, my wealth, class, friends , and now I have lost my life. This is so much for one night I must sleep. Good Night :(
Blog3- When I woke up I was starving. I looked at the food I had and it was just some fruit . I didn't have enough money to buy anything last night nor did have enough courage to steal any. I guess I have to go to work emptied stomach. This isn't the way I wanted to start the new week but I must. I just pray that Surya will have some compassion on me that he will send me food from the heavens and send it to me. I wish that everyone in my posistion will get food because not even the beggers should live like this. I must go now. TIme for Work. I'm so HUNGRY!!!!:(((

The Wall

Yea, I am still working on that whole caste system thing. Gandhi didn't like it, so I a trying to get rid of it, but you cna only imagine how well that's been going. Don't feel so bad about yourself! Without the lower class half our work force would be gone. You guys keep the country alive! (Hey, how funny is it that the Nazi think they're Aryans. haha). -India

Hey there. Props for the caste system. FYI, we, the Mauryan dynasty, have made some additions. We still recognize the four main castes, or classes of people: priests, warriors and aristocrats, peasants and merchants, and serts. However, the growth of trade and the development of industry has created changes in our society. 'New' groups of artisans, craftsmen, and merchants that arrived did not fit into our structure. The guilds, made up of the artisans, etc, formed served as subcastes known as jati. Jati has maintains our social order. Wahooo! Peace out. -Mauryan Dynasty
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