The Assyrians 2400 B.C.E. - 609 B.C.E.

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mathematics we have the division of the circle into 360 degrees and longitude and latitude of the globe for navigation. We also had medical advances like plants to stop headaches and other such ailments. we also invented the first telescope.


The culture was made up of many different societies, spanning over Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, completely encompassing what was Mesopotamia and adding land on both sides of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which meant a vast amount of diversity. Most of the time a cultural blend was occurring as many societies became one.


We are Ashurism. But once our empire was gone others followed us who had their religion, and being defeated we had to convert to Christanity.


Blog One: Sargon of Akkad was our first leader he established our kingdom in 2371 B.C.. He took control and helped to start the creation of our great and powerful nation, it started with a city state and expanded to all of Mesopotamia and beyond. To start he took control of Akkad, his home city state, and then to expand he took over Uruk. He forged many battles and was victorius. We had many other great victories in other cities to let them be apart of our community.
Blog Two: To expand more Sargon II conquered the northern kingdom of Israel. He forced them to resettle away from their homeland. King Sargon II was a great King even though we Assyrians were more open to other people, he did not make temples and people free of taxes in Assur and Harran. He also made many additions to our glorious Empire.
Blog Three: We were the inventors of the telescope. It may have not been the best primitive and kinda unstrustworthy, but everyone got the idea from us. Galileo had no right to say he invented the first telescope, perfected it yes, but invented no way.

The Wall

Hittites: What up Assyrians!! Mad props for the making of the wheeled chariot. I got to tell you it is awesome. And yes, we did completely copy the design for your chariots, but hey we did one better. We actually made you design lighter, so ha! So even though we stole it from you, we technically modified it, so we technically didn't steal it from you. We are going to beat you when we battle you.
Kurds : C'mon guys, why did you give up so easily? If you join with us, then we can get our own land. Now, we are under the control of the Iraqis, the Iranians, everybody, but think of what we could do together. There's power in numbers and together we could get our own country for ourselves!
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