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Our most beloved virtue- Education


Who Wants to be...


We are known for our great architchture, educational, artistic, religious and governmental developments. Some examples are:

The Acropolis and Drama...

All of the famous philosophers that came out of Greece came from Athens or studied here for several years...

Creating the black and red clay pots was a very hard task that took a lot of craftsmanship and skill...

Take note of the architecture here...

Many of our most famous technologies came from our minds and consisted of styles of theater, philosophies and styles of governance...


In Athens we primarily focused on education as a means of self betterment. The intellectual mind was by far more valuable in our society. We highly praise education. We developed the world's first democracy. We had our own courts and a system of citizenship; we had a well defined class system in which the best position to have was to be either a citizen (free, male, 18+, whom completed their military service) and/or a member of the assembly (ruling body). We even had our own democratic system. Much of the ideas that are present in our democracy are present in democracies in the modern era. We are mainly a religious and intellectual society enjoy the videos!!! We hope they help those of you that can not see our great nation in person.


Your traditional Greek religion, we gave service to our gods


Blog Entry One- 411 BCE- I just got through my fifth year of fighting in the war against the Peloponesians I am tired and just want to go home. I have
seen many a men get slaughtered and am exhausted and dread what is to come because an end is no where in sight.

Blog Entry Two- 568 BCE- I am just about to leave and go to a five day play festival I am so very exicted.

Blog Entry Three
- 603 BCE- Today I prayed all day to the Greek goddess in which Athens is named after, Athena in the Parthenon. We made many offerings of prayer and the prized olive branches.

The Wall

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