There is no certain religion that our people were. It was once believed that 72% of our people practiced some sort of Christianity but there is no conclusive evidence that this was true. Religion was not a major part of our lives.

Australian Aboriginals ~ 1788 - Present ~ Australia

Aboriginals-Australia.jpg --> a map of our location, the green represents concentartions of our people.

melbourne-commonwealth-games-6.jpg --> Playing the Didgeridoo -our native instrument-


Great Britain


Our people were very tribal associated and there was not any major technology that we used. We lived off of the land rather than using technology.
aboriginees.jpg --> A mortar and pestal made from our land.


Our people like it said above were not big on technology and were very tribal. One of the things we based our lives upon was Dreamtime. This is part of our oral tradition and it is a major part of our lives. The Dreaming is at once both the ancient time of creation and the present day reality of Dreaming. There were a great many different groups, each with their own individual culture, belief structure, and language. These cultures overlapped to a greater or lesser extent, and evolved over time. Dreamtime was a major over-lapper of these tribes.



Blog Entry 1: What is this in front of us? A large land mass. I wonder where it will take us? Should we leave our home of New Guinea and follow this large bridge over the waters? What will become of our people. Should we go? Will there be food and water where this large piece of land leads us? Well we decided to follow where the land took us and we ended up in Australia (of course we did not know this land to be called Australia at the time but ...). There is a lake here where we can get water and this choice we have made to follow the land bridge has been beneficial. I wonder what else this land will bring to us?

Blog Entry 2: There are these starnge white people that have come to our new home. They have come and taken over our land and renamed it New South Wales. They are making our people sick and many of us have died. These diseases are killing our people and the white people don't even care. These diseases they call chickenpox, smallpox, influenza, and measels are spreading fast, how are we going to stop them? And besides these deadly diseases they are usuing our land and water resources, what is going to happen to our people? Who do these white people think they are?

Blog Entry 3: We have learned to deal with the white people, well those of us that are left. So many of our people have died because of the dieases brought to our land. There is only one posotive affect to the White people and that is that those of us that are left have such strong immune systems and are not as susceptible to the dieases which killed our brothers. Our people was a very big price to pay for this immunity, one we would have rather lived without. We did not ask the White men to come here, we did not ask them to kill our people and we will not ask them to leave.

The Wall

Austronesians: Hi Australian Aboriginals. We originated from the same peoples ... but we Austronesians developed more seafaring skills while you settled down in Australia. Hope you're doing well, and it would be nice to her from our brothers to the south.

Maori: Hey aborigines, its your close neighbor the Maori. Even though New Zelands better maybe someday I'll hop in my canoe and come visit, I've always wanted to taste a kangaroo
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