Austro-Hungarian Empire ~ Central Europe ~ 1867-1918

250px-Location-Austria-Hungary-02.png <-- The extent of our empire at its height. austro-hungarian_shield.jpg<-- The double-headed eagle crest of the empire.




There were eight majors types of technology/weaponry we used in the war.

1. Machine guns
2. Artillery
3. Gas Grenades
4. Transportation
5. Communication
6. Tanks
7. Planes
8. Naval Units


Languages Spoken in our empire ...
German - 24% of our people
Hungarian - 20% of our people
Czech - 13% of our people
Polish - 10% of our people
Ruthenian - 8% of our people
Romanian - 6% of our people
Croat - 5% of oue people
Slovak - 4% of our people
Serb - 4% of our people
Slovene - 3% of our people
Italian - 3% of our people

Many disputes in our empire were because of languages.We could not decide which language would be customary. German would have been the answer but there was one problem, not everyone spoke German. A traditional answer would also have been Italian but not everyone spoke that either. There were many disputes in our empire because of this. Most of these were fought in Bohemia and Moravia, areas of our empire. The whole problem was because everyone here is a nationalist and wants their language to be used. People were not completely willing to give up their old countrieis for their new empire, our empire. These disputes continued for the whole time our empire was around and was a major problem with the culture of our empire.


The Religion of our empire was primarily Roman Catholic. There were however some other religions practiced. The break-down of the religions were as following ...

Catholics - 76.6 % of our people
Protestants - 8.9% of out people
Eastern Orthodox - 8.7% of our people
Jewish - 4.4% of our people
Muslim - 1.3% of our people


Blog Entry 1: It's February of 1867 and we are here. Our empire is finally created. The Austrian Empire and the Hungarian Empire have become one and this is us. This is all thanks to Emperor Franz Joseph who began to compromise with the Hungarians. The Austrian Prime Minister is also to thank because he advised Joseph and made our great empire possible. We are going to be unstoppable, we will rule Europe. What other great things will come from our Empire? Our duel federal structure is flawless. With Joseph recognizing the power of the Hungarian nobility and the power within the Austrian elites the power of them together will be unstoppable. Europe watch out!

Blog Entry 2: Oh No! Joseph's brother Maximilian and his only son Rudolf have died. This means Franz Ferdinand, Joseph's nephew is the new heir of our empire. He visited Sarajevo just the other day and whats this, he was assassinated, assassinated by the black hands. Oh No! what will become of our empire now? Will we enter in a war with all of Europe? Will this be the collapse of our empire? Will Germany turn it's back on us in our time of peril? What is to become of our empire?
franz.ferdinand.jpg <-- Franz Ferdinand

Blog Entry 3: We are losing the war, scratch that we have lost the war. Our empire is falling apart, again scracth that our empire fell apart. Czechoslovakia has declared independance andthe Slavs have pulled out as well. Hungary terminated the union with Austria on October 31, 1918. Our empire is gone. Both Hungary and Austria have become separate republics and both have creates treaties with the victors of the war, separately. Our great and powerful empire is no more. We are no longer Austria-Hungary, we are Austria and Hungary, two separate, and less powerful nations. Austria will live on, and Hungary will live on as well as the new states created from our downfall, but there will an ever be an empire like Austria-Hungary again.

new.states.png <-- the new states where our empire once was

The Wall

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