Austronesians Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands 3000 BCE

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A map of where we lived.

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Lapita Peoples
Australian Aboriginals
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We had technological advances in agriculture, making plants into medicines and drugs, using spears, clubs, nets, lassos, snares, and boomerangs, and, overtime, we advanced in maritime technology.


We were hunter-gatherers who lived in small, mobile communities that went on seasonal migrations in search of food. We were seafaring people who spoke Austronesian languages. We would settle on many different islands and establish communities because our outrigger canoes allowed us to reach these islands. Our societies relied on the cultivation of root crops and the herding of animals. Agriculture allowed for population growth and specialization of labor. Once we made the change to become agriculture societies, it brought about permanent settlements, pottery, and specialized tools.


Our religion was polytheistic. We believed in gods that helped to explain why certain things would happen in nature.


Blog Entry One (3000 BCE): We Austronesians had remarkable seafaring skills. We sailed the open ocean in large canoes that were equipped with outriggers, which helped to stabilize the canoe and reduce the risks of long voyages. We paid close attention to winds, currents, stars, cloud formations, and other natural indicators. This helped us to be able to learn how to find distant lands dreliably and be able to return home safely. Blog Entry Two (Early 3000 BCE): When we settled in New Guinea, we introduced yams, taro, pigs, and chickens to the island. Because of our ability to travel by sea, agriculture and our crops spread throughout the islands near New Guinea. When then moved away from New Guinea and established the first human settlements in the Pacific islands. Blog Entry Three (1500 BCE): While some of our people populated the islands of Polynesia, others sailed in different directions. Some ventured to regions of Micronesia, while others sailed west through the Indian Ocean and became the first to populate the large island of Madagascar. Our earliest migrants to sail out into the Pacific Ocean and establish settlements on the Pacific islands where known as the Lapita peoples.

The Wall

Lapita Peoples: Word up to my Austronesian brethren!!! Hey hows it going. You guys and we started moving around the same time, did you know that. We should definitely be friends. Of course you did mostly establish yourselves in Australia, we were a part of you. We people on the island should definitely hook up with you with our state of the art communication system.
Polynesians (Early; Ancient Hawaii): Hi ancestors, thanks for hooking us up with those sweet double-hulled canoes that allowed us to reach Hawaii! Your intelligence also let us move crops and animals around when we came to our islands, and start an agricultural society. I hope you guys had fun in Tahiti and Marquesas before you came over to Hawaii Cool stuff. Peace out.

Hey my brother, how's it hanging? Hope all is well, you should canoe on over sometime to visit us, there are these strange white people here that are killing us so we could use some help. Well hope you come soon, we kind of need the help, bye -- xOx Australian Aboriginals