Axis Powers

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A map of the Axis Powers

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A United States pro war poster




We developed the German, Panther, Medium Tank which was a new battle tank that allowed for longer distance shots and was more muneuverable on the battle field. The German aircraft known as the Stuka also proved worthy against allied troops. Later in the war efforts the germans developed the Heinkel which was another aircraft that proved to great when attacking allied ground infantry.


Our main goal is to defeat the allies in war. We have constantly been bombing Britain in the London blitz and have been successful in doing so. Once we defeat the allies we can impliment Hitler's plan to take over the world. We are comprised of Fascists, militarists, and Nazis. Our next goal is to have Japan secretly bomb Pearl Habor an area where a large amount of U.S. ships are currently stationed in Hawaii. Once we bomb them we will take over the rest of the world.


We are comprised of a variety of different religions although we are mainly catholic. Religions such as Judahism we are trying to get rid of by throwing them in concentration camps, forcing them to work, and then burning them alive.


  • Hitler's book Mein Campf that he wrote while in prison was an inspiration to us all. It gave us the power to join together to punish the countries that set up the Treaty of Versailles. Together we can fight to bring down the allies and spread Nazism across the world. We must do this by first taking over Belgium and Poland and then slowly the rest of Europe.
  • The Battle of El Alamein did not turn out well for us. We the Afrika corps were stationed here in Northern Egypt by Mussolini to have a port on the Meddaterranean Sea. However, we were attacked by the allies and forced back into Egypt. We will strike again and push the allies back we just don't know when.
  • In Japan we are militarizing but lack so much in Natural Resources. We must get more land so that we can have places to grow natural resources. If we want to be one of the most powerful nations in the world we must take over more territory and gain access to a greater supply of natural resources!

The Wall

We, the British, will soon attack your country of Germany! We will not, I repeat, WILL NOT!, show any mercy. You have made a grave mistake of invading Poland, you fools! Soon you shall face the wrath of Great Britain's most powerful navy! Rawr! Allies, advance into France to counter-attack the Nazis!!!
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