A map of the extent of the Babylonian empire.


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Astronomy played a large role in our society. Astronomy was one of our old sciences. We invented the zodiac, allowing us to predict the patterns of hte sun and the moon. We had observatories attached to our templesand by these astornomers, the stars had been numbered and named early on. We put great effor into the calendar, and we finaly found a calender with a week of seven days and another of five days in use for festavles.

Our system of mathematics was sexagesimal, or a base 60 numeral system. You still use this today with the usage of 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 360 (60 x 6) degrees in a circle. We were ahead of our time in mathamatics. First, the number 60 can be divided easier then the modern 10, making for easier fractions. We also used a placevalue system, much like our modern base ten system. We are now also known for the Babylonian mile, which is a distance for mesoring time.


We have, particularly in our capital city of Babylon, hve become popular in modern history because of our mysteries. we are refered to many times in the bible, both figurativly and symbolicly. The legendary wonder of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Tower of Babel are also frequently referred to in the bible and in other ancient texts.




Blog 1 1763 B.C.E: Today, Hammurabi founded Babylonia, there is a great promise in our future.
Blog 2 1759-1762 B.C.E: We are on a role, the nations surrounding us will join us or be killed, Hammurabi defeats the Elamites, conquers the city-state of Larsa, and thus Ur, Uruk, Isin, and finaly the city-state of Mari.
Blog 3 539 B.C.E: Nebuchadnezzar II has just finished building the finest structure in all the land, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Shorty there after, Cyrus the Great of Persia conquers Babylonia absorbing Babylon into the Persian empire.

The Wall

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