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We are the imperial heirs of Alexander of Macedon. We established our own kingdom of Bactria in the third century B.C.E. It has been two centuries after the Mauryan empire collapsed. Yesterday (182 B.C.E.), we invaded northern India, seizing a large territory spanning as far south as Gujarat.
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Approximate extent of the kingdom 220 B.C.E.
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Blog # 2
Yeah so our capital, Bactriam, is pretty sweet. It is a thriving commercial center that links China in the east to the Mediterranean basin in the west. We have promoted cross-cultural interaction and exchange in northern India.

Blog # 3
We are so rich. OMG. All the trade has provided us with so much revenue. Also, the city of Taxila is flourishing because of its awesome location on our trade routes leading from northern India to Bactria. The northern region of Gandhara is busting with culture as well as commercial exchange.

Bactrian Kingdom 182 B.C.E. - 1 C.E.

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Currency: Demetrius wearing the scalp of an elephant, which symbolizes our conquest of India.


Kushan Empire
Mauryan Dynasty


Since we are constantly acquiring new territories, we need effective weaponry, such as swords, and shields.
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We are a patriarchal society. We are into trading, because it makes our kingdom considerably wealthy. Such exports include, pearls, cotton, and black pepper. There is no set culture. Rather, we assimilate into the culture of the people we conquer. Things like science, and mathematics were developed in territories we have conquered. Philosophy is also an important part of our culture. We love bread and circus.


We do not follow a specific religion. Our ideas are based on philosophical thought derived from the Greeks. However, we worship various gods. Gods represent different aspects of daily life, such as the god of war, Mars.


The Wall

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