The Bantu Crew - located in MY BACKYARD (6969-6969 AD)


external image Bantu%20Beliefs%20copy.jpgA Bantu man dressed in our gangsta religious clothing


Kingdom of Axum
Kingdom of Ghana
Kingdom of Kongo
African Slaves
Bruce Willis


-We use canoes and settle along banks of rivers; spread from there
-Iron tools allow us to clear more land for agriculture
-Iron weapons give us stronger position
- Advanced weaponry which includes, but is not limited to, satellite lasers, automatic weapons, and magical powers

This is a song from Nigeria which shows part of our culture and lifestyles. Even though we are not directly from
Nigeria, we were very migrant and were there at one time... ||
-Cultivate yams and oil palms
-Live in clan-based villages
-Trade with hunting/gathering forest people
  1. Some of us worship single, impersonal divine force representing good and bad
  2. Many individuals pray to ancestors and local gods for intervention
  3. Others of us worship McDonalds fried food, and some liike Burger King.
  4. Pepsi cola is a common sacrafice.
We have much mixing and intermingling of cultures




Blog 1: People keep expanding into our empire from the Sahara. I am really gettting tired of our empire becoming crowded because of all the drought in the Sahara and Egypt. Now we must expand into the rainforests of central Africa.
Blog 2: One of our critics, Malcolm Guthrie, who analyzed each Bantu language, found that the most stereotypical were those spoken in Zambia and in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo. This provided the alternate theory that our speakers had spread from this location in all directions.
Blog 3: We are called "Bantu" because in its current sense in a 1862 book A Comparative Grammar of South African Languages, in which its hypothesized that a vast number of languages located across central, southern, eastern, and western Africa shared so many characteristics that they must be part of a single language group.
Blog 4: Dude last night was da bomb! There was so much cronic and everybody had a gangsta lean. This makes me happy to be Bantu. Im just livin up the sweet life all da tyme.

The Wall

Nice job with the song! You know they are singing about Lagos, Nigeria (the capital) and aren't you from further south? But you are a migrant bunch. nice. keep on rocking.

We the people of the Zulu would like to thank you for our language. It is a dialect that we have used for many years, but without you it would not be possible
Yes! My people!!! I am so happy that our nation was able to spread to many regions in Africa. Originally, we were located in Sub-Saharan Africa, but now, the Bantu coasters, Swahilis, and the people of Madagascar have been able to bring the Bantu people outward. Soo, I miss all you family and friends. I hated it when we were separated. Send me a scroll... =] -Swahili----

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