Belgians: 18th century, Belgium

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African Slaves


We were the earliest canter of industrialization production.Some products that we produced included coal, iron, textiles, glass and armaments, which were produced in the early nineteenth century. We have a wonderful steel industry, but has began to decline due to various internal issues. With our joining of the French Republic, we have gained immensely.


We are well known for our art and architecture. We are also interested in the studies of science. We take great pride in our folk festivals such as that of the Carnival of Binche and Aalst.We are also well known for our advanced cuisine. People of other regions are very fond of our chocolate and waffles. Other things that our region is interested in is that of recreation such as football and cycling.




Blog 1: leopold.jpe I, king Leopold II of Belgium, have decided to send Henry Morton Stanley to help establish commercial ventures in the colony entitles the "Congo Free State". This Congo region will be a free-trade zone accessible to merchants and business people from all European lands. I filled out this colony to be filled with wonderful plantations will not forced labor, but rather, willful labor. After while, the Belgian government has decided to take over this region in 1908 and it is now called the Belgian Colony. Blog 2: Around the mid- nineteenth century, there was a surge of nationalism. Although this did affect our region because the dynastic and reactionary powers that dominated European affairs not only ignored us, along with the Germans, Italians and others, but also denied us national autonomy. Following this, there were many powerful nationalistic movements, revolutions, and wars that have allowed us to gain independence from the Netherlands in 1830. Blog 3: In August, Germany has decided not only to declare war on France, but also us in accordance with their so called Shlieffen plan. Supposively, they want to plan an attack on the weak left flank of the French by proceeding to go through Belgium. This is unacceptable to us. Our government has not only refused to allow passage for the Germans, but we have also established our neutrality. The British were very kind and demanded that Germany respect our decision for neutrality. These hot headed Germans have decided not to stand by our neutrality and as a result our ally Britain, declared war on them.

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The Wall

Dutch and French are our major languages

luddites: If any of you Belgians are tired of working come on up to Britain and help us destroy some of these factories that we are forced to work in under harsh conditions.
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