The Bolshevik Party was led by Vladimir Lenin in the October Revolution, during the Russian Revolution.


The Bolsheviks took control of Russia during the October Revolution and founded the Soviet Union. The Bolshevik party was an organization of professional revolutionaries who followed the beliefs of Bolshevism.



Eastern Orthodox


Russian Empire




The Bolsheviks had an abundant supply of guns for their soldiers and the constant production of new weapons was under state-control. The Bolshevik community would meet to make up Five year plans to keep the country on a systematic growth program.



Lenin and the Bolsheviks outlawed Religion in their society. They believed that everybody was to be equal and able to have all the same necessities. Thus, they followed the slogan "Peace, Land, and Bread". As Lenin continued to gain power the church became a small aspect in the community.



Lenin and his people did not believe in a religion, they were ascetic. Most of the Bolsheviks were Roman Orthodox.


Vladimir Lenin was our savor. He came to us in our time of need and promised us prosperity and happiness. Lenin was the leader of the Russian Revolution and we the Bolsheviks came under his power. Lenin led us into a new era filled with prosperity and happiness. Lenin got us out of the treacherous World War I and brought us our peace. Today, Lenin taught us new ideas and beliefs that provided us with different outlooks on life. The Russian Revolution had huge effects on the people and Lenin brought us equality. He gave us things as no private ownership, equal food, shelter and much more. He told us we would be the great power of the world, he brought us hope. Today was a very sad day, our beloved leader left us in a horrible death. We expericened grief over his death and then the monster came into power. Joseph Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union. He was powerful and brought fear into our eyes. Our beliefs and customs were destroyed and we no longer had a say in the government.

The Wall


My beloved Bolshevik community, I will bring you peace and happiness and we will become the greatest power in the world . Just follow me and listen to me and we will overcome all the obstacles that come in our way.


Pathetic Bolsheviks. You followed a lier! Now you will listen to me or face my wrath. It is not my rule and you will do what I say! Your pathetic rules and beliefs are gone and my fascist ideas are in Russia now!

Bolshevik man:

I am both happy and sad for our community. I am happy that a great leader as Lenin himself cam to our door and gave us so much happiness, but I am sad that the dreadful dictator Stalin came into our lives and brought us fear and sadness.


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