Cons.jpg Constantine is The first emperor of Byzantium. He also founded Constantinople in the year 324 C.E
Justinian.jpg Another one of our emperors Justinian who conquered North Africa for the Byzantines
Major languages included Latin and Greek.

Carolingians: Hey there Byzantium. We just thought we would apologize for the whole making Charlemagne our emperor thing. We know that only you guys have an absolute emperor, but we just want to make sure that you won't get mad at us. Really it was the Pope's fault and he totally surprised us, not that we're saying you should blame him either. We want you as a friend not an enemy, so do not take this emperor thing the wrong way.
Stay away from the Italian Peninsula its ours -Visgoths

Saljuq Turks - Hey guys, sorry for that totally humiliating defeat we forced on you in our great victory, I mean, the battle of Manzikert. I know you really depend on the whole Anatolian region for all of your grain to feed your empire, but we wanted some of the good stuff, too. Just think of it this way, now you don't have to deal with all of those pesky farmers who are always so demanding on your empire. We are laughing our heads off right now, right to the STOREHOUSES filled with millions of pounds of grain.



Islamic Empire
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We are technologically advanced because of our many trade partners. As a result of all this trade we have built massive, beautiful temples


Our culture is based on the transfer of classical culture.Byzantine philosophy and education was of real importance. Unlike Europe which did not see women as to be as important in society, we allowed women to become active in getting education (at home) not in a true school. They got tutors in such subjects as literature. Plato and aristotle are really studied upon as these were great people for ourr owm to look up to.


Our religion is for the most part Islam. However we also have some Christianity. The Islamic empires were of some influence on changing ovewr from Christianity to islam


We formed after the collapse of the Roman empire. The east remained in control while the west collapsed into several other states. Constantine was one of our reformers. As was Justinian who has made a great contribution to giving us North Africa and us getting back some of the land from the Visigoths.

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