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My self (otherwise known as Maize) was originated somewhere in mesoamerica. Some Scientists figured out
that is was a domesticated strand of a teosinte Zea mays ssp parviglumis. This early corn was native to some
place in Mexico in the Balsas river valley. Scientists think that I went under another cross breed with another Teosinte.
The site with the oldest remains of myself are found in Gulia Naquitz cave. The domestication of me was thought to be started
7500 to 12000 yeras ago. However in Mexico where I was first seen around 9000 years ago. (see spread to where I go next).

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Many things today are made out of me. In fact there isn't alot of stuff that doesn't have corn in it. For starters farmers use corn
to feed their livestocck during the winter months. They grow two types of me. There is the edible corn for humans to eat, and
and then there is the corn that livestock eats. Many things today have corn in it. Some examples are corn syrup, corn meal,
corn dog, corn muffin, corn bread and ethanol. Many people have corn bread and corn muffin during thanksgiving and other
holidays. Corn syrup is used for sweeteners in many candies and other deserts. Finally corn is used in alternative fuels.
The big question today to find a new less exspensive fuel. Corn is used to make ethanol which has been turned into a more
environmentally friendly fuel.
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As previously mentioned I appear first 9000 years ago in central Mexico. I became widely used by the people there in many
different ways inculding for food like corn tortillas and in other dishes as well. I then moved south into South America and
became used by the Incas and Mayans. This is where I gained popularity in the western world. Corn also began to spread
north as well with the Great Plains Indians. The fertile land in the American Midwest was perfect for growing large amounts
of corn. The first time Spanish explorers reached South America they saw a new crop and it was me. They saw me and
me very useful for feeding their horses. In the North the Pilgrims settled down in modern day Massachuetts and needed some
type of food source they grew in the rocky soil there. I was the perfect fit. Native Americans showed the pilgrims how to grow me
and the pilgrims had a new crop to grow. The pilgrims then sent corn over to Europe which then spread rapidly throughout the rest
of the world. Now a days I am grown in many parts of the world. I am grown in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and then sent to many parts of the world.

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Blog1: Today I poped out of the ground in Mexico. I am a cross breed of two wild plants and the natives call me maize. I am very excited because they are excited to see me. They make me into different foods and breads called tortillas. They ground me up and themix me with water and bake me and serve me with different types of vegetables. Some are spicy and some are tangy. They also like to serve me with meat as well. I guess you can call me the universal food.
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Blog 2: Today the Native Americans of Massachuetts showed my to the Pilgrims who despartely needed me. They needed a crop that grew in a very short growing season and rocky soil and I fit the bill. I grew fast during the season and was ready by October and November for them to pick me. I could feed them as well as their livestock which was a great accomplishment for them. I had traveled all the way up from Mexico and South America to the mid west of the soon to be United States. Now Europeans could grow me and feed many hunger people for very little cost.
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Blog3: I now am a major crop of the World. I am grown in amny countries and mass cultivated in Canada, the United States and Mexico. I am used in things like corn meal, corn bread, corn muffins, cron syrup, corn syrup, tortillas, corn chips, ethanol, glues and pastes. I am used to feed farmers livestock during the winter. In the 90's and 2000's I was sent to many third world countires by the United States and Canada to help with their hunger problems. I was turned into bread along with wheat and other crops we are trying to end world hunger. I am a staple during summer bbq's either bioled and served with butter or grilled right on the grill and who doesn't love popcorn. I can be turned into alternative fules and i could be the solution to the United States's issue with high gas prices. I am the Universal crop.
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