Canadians... eh?

This is our lovely flag...Everyone loves a good leaf that's symbolic of unity.



United States


Thanks to trade and colonizations with the Europeans of Great Britain and France, we had a lot of the same things that they had.


We are a pretty diverse group of people. When you think of a Canadian, it could very well be an English-Canadian or a French-Canadian, or one of those Scottish-Canadians over in Nova Scotia that you're thinking of. We could even be a Viking-- although that's highly unlikely. In any case, because we were colonized by the English, French, and Scottish, depending on where you visit in Canada, the people are different. In Quebec, a majority of Canadians speak French, while if you go to British Columbia, you'll obviously hear a lot of English speaking people.


Well, like the French, we're Catholic, and like the English, we're Protestant. Overall, we're Christians.


It's pretty cool to be Canadian. We've got a lot of natural resources and we're just plain huge. Even though we're pretty far north and parts of Canada are pretty cold, we're just like any other normal country. We've got a lot of things that the English and French want. Back in the day, when we were being colonized, around the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, French fur traders came and established posts, while the English came up to basically do the same. Those two countries were always in competition, therefore, it's obvious that there has been a bit of conflict when it comes to our lovely country of Canada. You would think, what can any one do with all that land and coldness? You'd be surprised. We've got a lot of things that the little country of England would want and that France, great producer of wine and cheese, can't get on their own. With us by their side, they can get things like gold, natural gas, petroleum, timber, coal, and the list goes on. English and French people sometimes clashed over us, but they also stirred up some conflict with native Canadians as well. Those pesky Europeans would trick the natives into treaties and agreements which they knew nothing about. Aside from that..back to my basic point, being Canadian is great.

It's hard working so closely with England. They think that they're the boss of us. They stop we have to stop it too. I mean, what if we really needed it? Although, I guess we're not really suited for plantation agriculture. Nevertheless, slavery did have an impact on us Canadians. Slaves from the United States escaped into Canada -- a testament to how truly great we are. The Underground Railroad led the slaves here. We are a pretty great country, take that United States. Sure, we might not have had the entire equality thing down, but still, everyone was considered free. We even got some Chinese migrants. We might not have had the great reputation of being a "land of opportunity" like the United States, but we still got our fair share of people.

You'd think that the Canadian Pacific Railroad would be a good thing. Nope. I mean, it sounded good in theory, and I guess it is, but it did cause a lot of trouble. The indigenous people weren't too fond of it. Neither were the metis. In 1880s, the government decided to start productiong of the railroad, but people got mad because of the whole threat of the white settlers. The military had to lay down the law. That probably wasn't the best idea if we wanted a peaceful and harmonious living arrangement, but nevertheless, we did it anyway. Of course then that led to the Northwest Rebellion and all hell broke loose. Canadian forces had to stop the rebellion, although the metis and the indigenous people didn't have a chance to begin with. It's a little sad, but the railroad's completion signified the unification of Canada.

The Wall

Hey its your old friend Scotland. YOu know that you have an odl colony of ours right. Remember NOVA SCOTIA! We knid of want it back. Ha ha just kidding. It was a nice colony in a good location, but the stupid British had this whole thing of transforming all of the countries aroung her Protestant. Insane yes i know. Anyway just postin gto see how your are doing and we are supporting you in your quest to get rid of England. Scotland

As a person living up in the norther part of you , I was wondering. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GOD DAMN COLD!!!!! Freezing my buttocks up here. Living in snow is warmer than going outside. Seriously it is. NO joke. Thankfully you have plenty of fish for us to eat. Fish is good . MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!. Anyway that is enough , I guess we are moving again. Talk to you Later. Inuits
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