Carolingians- France, parts of Germany, and Italy: 732 C.E. - 843 C.E.

external image Charlemagne.jpg The coronation of Charlemagne, the greatest king of the Carolingians, named absolute ruler by the Pope.

external image charlemagne.jpgCharlemagne holding the orb of power that symbolized his rule in the our empire.

external image martel3.jpeg Our first leader, Charles Martel, fighting the the Battle of Tours.

external image Map_Carolingian.jpgThe map of our success!


Holy Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire


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Heavy Plow-
This plow was heavier than the wooden ones before it, with iron tips that were able to dig deeply into the hard cold soil of the north. These plows were on wheels and were driven by horses, but mainly by oxen. These plows became very expensive but they were necessary if we were going to farm in the empire.
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Iron Weaponry- We utilized the weaponry and the technology of our fellow Franks and ancestors to use in battle against our enemies.
external image watermill.jpg
Water Mill- We realized that these machines would give us an unlimited supply of energy, and we placed them on every river stream so that we have the power to drive many other agricultural things for us with less of the work.

Horse Collar- This specialized collar for the horse allowed us to use them for the heavy plows and not the oxen which helped us speed the plowing up on the farm, saving time.


We are the aristocratic warriors who took control of France and parts of Germany and Italy after Clovis died. Our leader was Charles Martel and he was a great warrior who fought in the battle of Tours. When his son, Charlemagne, took power our region became an empire. We had a centralized power again with imperial rule over us.He established counts throughout the empire to maintain watch over the whole region. Still the power of the counts was misused, which Charlemagne soon fixed. Although we may have started out as a very military society bent on fighting with everyone, after we established our own society and empire, we were very content and switched over to a more agricultural and rural society. We basically lived in a very feudal society with the system of Lords and Retainers, and even the system of the serfs. This part of our society was very decentralized and it didn't work too well. The Lords try to have control over the retainers and serfs while paying them very little to nothing, and the retainers and the serfs resented the lords for doing such things and tried to fight back whenever possible. The serfs were treated even worse than the retainers, almost like slaves. And with this turmoil within the social systems, it was sure to bring turmoil. All this chaos among the different classes happened within the walls of the buildings called a manor. This is where all the lords controlled the serfs and retainers. We also invented many new technologies to help us with our agriculture, and with our new profits from our crops, we started to trade more with many other groups of peoples. Although our turmoil within the classes was sure to bring us down eventually, for the time, we were the best out there.


We are straight up Roman Catholics who are in support and in the protection of the pope. We think that we are the sole people to protect the papacy. We spread the religion of Christianity in the form of Roman Catholicism, which is so much better than those Eastern Orthodox followers. We loved the Roman Catholic Church so much that we even had many missionaries go out into our realm to convert all the non-Catholics. Anything for the Pope.


Blog Entry #1:
768 CE, France: I, Charlemagne, in the year 768, now have the reign of the Carolingian Empire, in France. I am extremely honored to take the power from my father, who took it from his father before him. Although my grandfather, Charles Martel was the person to start our new society, I think that i can take it to the next level. I know i can make a huge difference for our new empire to make it a new power of our European world. I have already established a more centralized government, but that seemed to have failed due to all the instability in my society. How am I supposed to rule with them behaving in such a matter? I possibly need to get some help from other nations and societies. I can speak fluent Greek and Latin, and I know i still have some ties with the Byzantine Empire and the Abbasid caliphate...I've got it! Since there is so much instability right now in my empire, I will have to set up officials in different regions of this vast empire. I know they will be a little greedy and try to take away a lot of my control, but I will see to it that they will behave. I have a good feeling about this empire... a really good feeling.

Blog Entry #2:
800 CE, Vatican City: Hey, it's Charlemagne again. I do not know what just happened and I can't believe what the Pope did! I do recall me saying once that I never really wanted to be emperor over the land. I do enjoy being the man in charge, but that's only to makes sure this great empire runs smoothly. Not only that but I don't want to have the name of emperor to seem like i was threatening the Byzantine Empire. But even with all my refusal to not be named that position, what does the Pope do? He names me emperor, supreme emperor. Wow he is one sneaky guy. I was just attending the Christmas Day ceremonies in Italy, and in the middle of the ceremony, Pope Leo III just come right out and proclaims me emperor. Not only did he proclaim it, but then he crowns me with an imperial crown to establish me as a true imperial ruler. I appreciate the fact that I am being recognized for all the work I put into this empire, but this might be a bit too much. I hope the Byzantines won't be too mad...

Blog Entry #3
790 CE, Carolingian Empire: No offense to all the work that Charlemagne has done for us, but the life of us serfs really sucks! (pardon the language) We don't even know what we are. They say we are free but then we are bound to do the labor that they make us do. Not only that but we barely get paid for it. What does that make us? Semi free? We remember when we first started that we used to have a lot of breaks. Only had to work a couple times a week, and we actually got paid a good amount of money for it. But now that they have started to establish these manors all over the place, this serfdom is getting as bad as slavery itself. Maybe are slaves. We will not stand for this. The worst part is is that its hard for us to get Charlemagne's attention to ask him to change it because he is always on the move. If he isn't around we just get pushed around my the Lords of our manors, and this isn't a good thing. They are like our governors and rule with that though of power in mind. We don't appreciate this.

Blog Entry #4:
814 CE, Carolingian Empire: Ugh, I don't know what to do. my father Charlemagne died leaving me the throne (me being Louis the Pious). The empire is falling apart right in front of me and there is nothing i can do to stop it. The counts and the manors of the regions are starting to take control for themselves, which is getting me angry. I have a bad feeling about this empire, its not going to last. Especially when my sons have to split it up into three ways so that they will all be happy. I do believe that this is the end of the Carolingian Empire.

The Wall


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