The Carthaginians 8th century B.C.E. to 3rd century B.C.E.

external image HeraAgrigentum.jpg columns built in 406 B.C.E.






boats and ships and naval technology


Very trade oriented, we spent most time advancing our technology so that we could trade more effieciently. This usualy meant making better faster ships. OUr culture is mostly Phoenician in heritage being that we are them. We share the same customs.


We are polytheistic. Our religion comes from those who colonized us, the Phoenicians. Our gods are based on nature. Tanit Ba'al Hammon and Astarte are among our main gods (Astarte is a goddess)


Blog One: We were originally Phoenician colonists from the city of Tyre led by Queenm Dido, but then we asserted ourselves and became more independent. We began to have our own trade routes and people started to look to us for security over the Phoenicians. It was an exciting time filled with expansion and new trade. Being on the other side of the Mediterannean Sea meant that there were different things to be traded, for less cost. The more exotic goods were no longer as far away and cost less.
Blog Two: Our most famous additon to the world was Hannibal. He won almost every battle he engaged in. He fought in Spain never going after Rome, but was finally defeated by the evil Scipio Africanus from Rome. He took a hero and legend among our people. He fought valiantly especially considering we are not a warring people. We were very content being merchants and middlemen for trade all over the Mediteranean. Though the Romans did not seem content with having us trading, they are greedy and want everything for themselves. We see no need to fight for land, wealth is just as good and we can get that without blood-shed.

Blog Three: We engaged in war with the Romans. They were to strong, though we had a great navy only matched by the Phoenicians, but Rome's military was too good. The Punic Wars ended in Our defeat. Our glorious civilization that came from a small colony to a vast and wealthy trading city, and then territory was added to the Roman Empire. Good things just don't last, and being simple merchants only interested in the economic gain and not physical expansion just can't compete.

The Wall

Phoenicians: You were originally us ... so, even though you became somewhat of trading competition, we're glad that you traded as well and showed the world what great trading skills we have.

I don’t see why you Carthaginians are so indignant that we took you over. Firstly we fought and you lost it’s the way the world works, it happens to many great nations, get over it. Secondly it’s not like we did anything to you. As a part of the Roman Empire you were still free to trade, and worship as you wished. It’s not like we in any way tried to influence you culture or way of life. In fact you should be honored and grateful to be a part of our mighty empire. Considering you were small and bound to be taken over by someone, now you don’t have to worry about it. If you’re mad about the death toll on your side, well that’s not our fault; you could have let us conquer you peacefully. Regards ~ Romans


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