The Celts 1500 B.C.E. - still in Ireland

external image 400celtmap.jpg the celtic empire




the celtic people developed soap independently. We invented chain mail around 300 B.C.E. We have extensive knowledge about metal-working.


We are a nomadic people. Our symbol is the boar. We are known for theivery but its only from those who have enough. We found a great source of wealth, and that was mining. We mine salt from the mountains where we live in the middle of Europe. OUr culture is a blend of different people. Our tribes are all over central Europe so there is no one definable culture we are all different, though we have many traditions and beliefs in common.


We are polytheistic with many gods, they are based around nature.


Blog One: Our original territory was from Luxenbourg to the big mountains sometimes called the Alps. But in 600 years we expanded our great civilization to places far and near to our home. We went west over seas to two different islands, both are rainy but they suit our purpose. One is very hilly (that is the further of the two islands). We went south over mountains to a peninsula, and over those moutnains that had once restricted us to just over the mountains. On exploring further it is shaped like a boot. To the east were more smaller mountains that we took over. Then north there was flat land for the taking. So overall we went north, south, east, and west in our expansion.
Blog Two: By many we are not considered a civilization. Not sophisticated enough for them. They don't realize that we are just as good as they are. We have made huge strives in technology in metal working and sword play. We invented chain mail !!! Doesn't that count for anything?!?! THe knights of England would have been lost without us. We mine for salt and have great amounts of wealth because of it, sure we stole a few cows when we were true nomads but that is all they remember they can't think of the good we have done. We have traded our salt with them and if there is one thing that no civilization can get enough of it is salt. We were the first miners and we had to come up with ways to get into the ground, without getting killed, deep enough to find salt veins.
Blog Three: We are a very important people, we even had a meeting with Alexander the Great back in the day. Though most feared him we did not, there are more important fears, like the sky falling down upon our heads for example, i get shutters thinking about it, but Alexander the Great, not particularly.

The Wall

We don't give a CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job being taken over though it was really fun. At least we put up a fight that lasted more than a week.
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Hey! for the most part my people are yours are the same!! We occupy the same area, and share the celtic culture. However, your people come later in history, so basically without us you would have never existed. yay!!! <3 Your founding fathers Gauls