external image Jesus.jpgJesus Christ, who we believe to be God in human form, who came to Earth to give salvation. Many of us also believe that he will again return to Earth, and also that he was born to a virgin. This is the central figure of our religion.


Eastern Orthodox
Holy Roman Empire
Great Britain


Early History

We began as a sect of Jews who followed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth (born c. 4 BCE). Jesus lived in Palestine, and his teachings about the "kingdom of God" threatened the Roman administration, who executed Jesus in the 30s CE. After his death, we collected his teachings into the New Testament, which became our holy book along with the Old Testament. Paul of Tarsus was a leader in the expansion of our faith, finding converts around the eastern Roman Empire, which led to the establishment of many Christian communities. Around the 3rd century, Rome began to be recognized as the head of Christian authority, presiding over the bishops of all the other Christian communities. Because of the appeal of our message of salvation to the lower classes, our religion grew rapidly amidst early persecution, in the early centuries CE. The silk roads helped our religion establish a following throughout the Mediterranean basin as well as Southwest Asia.

external image Map_-_Spread_of_Christianity_3.JPG The spread of Christianity, c. 400-600 CE

Eastern and Western Christianity

We Christians in the Byzantine Empire and the followers of Rome did not agree on everything about our faith, due to the different cultures and influences of different empires. For example, the Byzantine ruler Leo III implemented a policy of iconoclasm in 726 CE, a policy that caused much division within our religion. Eventually Eastern and Western Christianity became so different that a schism took place in 1054, when our two churches in Constantinople and Rome formally represented Eastern Orthodox faith and Roman Catholicism, which exist as distinct branches of our faith to this day.


We have many varied cultures, that have been adapted to the many regions where we practice our faith. However, many Christians attend church, where we pray, listen to sermons, and do various religious rituals, depending on the denomination of Christianity. The style and decorativeness of the church also depends on the Christian denomination. There are many holidays throughout the year that most of us celebrate, most of which celebrate events of Jesus' life (Christmas-his birth, Easter-resurrection of Christ).


Our religion is based on several main beliefs. One of these beliefs is in Jesus Christ as the son of God and the savior of Christians. We think that he was sent here by God to save mankind from their sins. We believe that he died on the cross for our sins, and was resurrected back to heaven. Another central belief to our religion is that through practicing faith, we will be able to be saved from our sins and go to heaven after death. The Holy Trinity is important to Christianity as well: this belief states that God is a spirit as well as the creator, who also intervenes with humans through his son, Jesus Christ. Clearly, we Christians are strong believers in the afterlife, since we think that we have souls that can survive our bodily death. As Christians, we put ultimate faith in the Bible as the word of God, and we listen to what it says to help us live our lives well. This Bible is split up into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament; the Old Testament is also recognized as a holy book in Judaism. While these are the main characteristics of our religion, of course the many branches of Christianity have differences.


1095 - The First Crusade: In 1095 we were called upon by Pope Urban II to take our holy land in Jerusalem back from the Muslims, who were living there. As Christian men, we deserved our Holy Land above those Muslim heretics, many of whom were not even white! It took a lot of men to launch our first Crusade into the Holy Land, to take back Jerusalem and free the Christians in Eastern Europe from the rule of the Muslims. However, it was not difficult to get many knights and Christian warriors to come out in the battle for God, and brave men came from all over Western Europe at the Pope's urging.

1054 - The Schism: In the year 1054, the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church split from each other, creating two separate branches of Christianity that are still split in this way. This was when our religion was important in both Western Europe, centered at the church in Rome, and also in the Byzantine Empire, centered at Constantinople. These two empires were very different in culture, and the Eastern Christians came to adopt new doctrines such as iconoclasm to define Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

1859 - Creationism vs. Science: As Christians, we must believe in the true fact that God created the world in seven days, as we are told in Genesis of the Old Testament. However, in the modern era and with the growth of science, people are starting to blasphemously declare our religion to be made up of lies. A man named Charles Darwin theorized that people evolved from more primitive life-forms...we are not apes! We are holy and devout Christians, and we will stay firm in our faith that the Almighty God created us in his image!

The Wall

Woot!! Way to spread your religion throughout our ENTIRE empire! The church ruling the Papal State did somewhat infringe on our territory, but it's ok. We definitely like the idea of salvation, because right now life sucks, so we figured once we die everything will be better....yay!!!
Toodles! The Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire seems to accept your religion, but we refuse to. We do not want to associate with any Europeans, and your missions to our country have caused us much distress. These missions must stop, or else there will be consequences. We think crucifixion is quite appropriate as a punishment for Christians. We have already d some Jesuits. Also, we are unhappy that you teach that Christianity is the only true doctrine, and you refuse Japanese converts to become priests. Get out of our country. - Japanese (Tokugawa Shogunate)

Catholics-Jesus is the man and so is this page. I'm proud to be part of Christianity . Remeber to always pray and read the bilbe before you sleep and always go to church. I am praying for everyone associated with this page. The papal is too. There is always hope and I hope the Japanese person above me would reconsider and not want us nor our priest leave their respective country. Let us pray . AMEN

YEAH CHRISTIANITY!!! You were the only faith that was able to conquer our society. When the Islamic Empire came pouring in, many places in northeastern Africa converted to Islam while we stuck to our belief. We set the trend, not follow it. Eventually, Islam did enter the region, but after a long time of rejection. -Kingdom of Axum

Jesus is the lord and prophet of the Mediterranean world. However, we must also acknowledge that Buddha is the prophet of India, and Muhammad is the prophet of the middle east. Only by taking these great sons of God's works and teachings together can we truely begin to understand the meaning of the cosmos, and how we as humans can battle the forces of evil and banish them from this world forever. Remember, only by knowing the teachings of all three prophets will our battle be won!

Oh yeah? Well why don't you go ressurect someone? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT JESUS DID. According to you, anyway. I mean, what would Jesus do? WWJD??? If he was here right now (which he's not, thanks) he would totally be like, "Supernatural stuff is, like, dumb and stuff." 'Cause Jesus was elegant like that. Oh, and how about praying to God? What's he going to do, STRIKE YOU DEAD WITH LIGHTNING? Maybe that wouldn't be so bad...

Oh, and go read Genesis again and you'll know what I'm talking about...


"Well, we guess that you are not entirely wrong (in your choice of religion)." -- the early Hebrews and the Israelites

hey no hard feelings for killing all the Chinese christians or your missionaries, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. but i hope we can move past this and become friends, actually i hope we can move past this and your people won't pull guns on us anymore. -- xOx Righteous Harmonious Fists

Christianity rocks! Serve Jesus, look to him for hope and use your faith to enlighten thine self! - British

Props to all Christians! We are just a small sect of this great religion, but we hope that we hold a place in your heart. Without you we would of course not exist. Praise the lord and Jesus, and remember to stay strict in your beliefs and daily life ~ Puritans

Christianity...its us, the know, your number one fans?! Just wanted to let you know that we are being punished for being good Christians...sacrilege, really. There is a small group of us in the Balkans (insert national anthem) and we are being forced to submit to the devishirme and serve in a rigorous army training system. It kind of blowss!! Just wanted to let you know that we are still hanging onto our faith and taking advantage of being in the position we are being put in.

Yeah Christianity. You guys really know what you are doing. Our old paganistic religion was inferior and a mess. Jesus is the way to go. Almost all of our kingdoms have entirely converted to Christianity. Thanks for the cool new religion. Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Hey Christianity, no flower baskets, cakes, postcards? We think you owe us some thanks, seeing as how the Concordat made Roman Catholic Christianity the official religion of France, and allowed freedom of religion for Protestant Christians. Napoleon wasn't religious himself, so wasn't that a nice thing for him to do? Yes, yes it was. We know, we know, he didn't give back the church property that was taken by the state of France during the revolution, but more importantly, we also didn't let you guys get replaced with cults of reason. We'll be waiting for a thank you over our oh-so-fancy signal telegraphs. France (Napoleonic)

We the Assyrians found the way to Christianity. It is a great thing. Our people converted, they found the path. We had been lost for so long until you came around.

Just wanted to let you know that with the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere wiped out, thanks to our plague-blankets, its now ready for colonization by Christians. With our help you can make the Americas exclusively Christian. So go establish missions. -Conquistadors

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