Chucuito 12th century to 16th century

this is our fertility temple
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external image 180px-Lake_Titicaca_map.pngwe lived on the southwest side of Lake Titicaca




We utilized terraced fields to irrigate our crops and we built stone walls to hold the terraces.


We are farmers. Potatoes are a main food source a;png with herding llamas and alpacas. We live in the highlands around Lake Titicaca so there isn't much else to do to survive other than farming and herding. We also fished trout.


There are building where we worship and have ceremonies. One is even subterranean


Blog One: I love potatoes. Thank the gods that they are here. I can never get bored because they all taste different. Even the color is different from potato to potato. To mix it up we herd and fish but without potatoes we would be lost.
Blog Two: Living in the mountains is beautiful. !3,000 feet above sea level we have a great view. Though most of the time we have to leave our homes and descend the mountain to see the view because there are clouds in the way.
Blog Three:The 16th century we thought it would be good but it let us decimated. The Inca are an evil people we were simple farmers and they took us over. Though many dies many survived. We were and are not a violent people. But the Inca they are ambitious and there was nothing we could do.

The Wall

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