ChinaSatelliteMap~NatGeo~chinam.jpg Confucianism began in China and, as a result, more popular there than anywhere else. Geography also affected the spread of Confucianism. Since not many people were interested in crossing the Gobi desert, which would have allowed spreading of Confucianism into western Asia, Confucianism mostly stayed in East Asia.


Ming Dynasty
Zhou Dyansty
Xia Dynasty


Although Confucianism did not give way to any technological creation, it produced many texts that explained the lessons and beliefs of Confucianism and allowed for teh development of other philosophical movements and ideas.


I strongly believe in love and loyalty to one's family and state, and also believe that every person should live with trust, honesty, propriety, benevolence, and humaneness.


Confucianism is very much more than a religion. Although it lacks deities and saints, Cnfucianism is a complex system of politics, behavior, society and philosophy. Confucianism is the building block of Chinese society, and greatly influences the culture of China in the past and the present. Confucianism allows its followers to also practice other religons, such as Daosim, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many others.



Blog 1: This past week I was attending a wedding and was happy to observe that the families of the bride and groom were following through with all six steps of the tradition Confucian wedding. The bride and groom exchanged they birthdays and times (the eight characters) and thankfully the next three days went smoothly, for if they hadn't, the wedding would've have to be called off! Seeing that this did not happen, the bride's family arranged a day for the wedding ceremony and made evryone moon-shaped cookies. I must say, the groom's family sent a very handsome dowry. It was full of silk fabrics and jewelry! The bride's family was convinced that this family would take care of their daughter after seeing such a lavish presentation of offerings. The next day, the groom carried the bride off to his house where the couple recited their vows, drank wine and then hosted a large banquet for the two families. To top off this perfect Confucian wedding, the families ate breakfast together for the next two days; once at the groom's house and the next day at the bride's. It makes me so happy to see that people still adhere to the traditional Confucian customs.

Blog 2: Today was a devastating day. It all began when I heard the loud cries of my neighbors resound throughout the village center. They were crying so much that the entire household was awoken! I knew at once that something terrible had happened. When we inquired the other villagers on what had happened, my family and I discovered that out neightbor's husband had passed away, and that now funeral arrangements had to be made. The body was cleaned and put into a coffin and the family dressed in their rough-materialed garments before heading out to the funeral procession. The Buddhist priest from the temple offered to say some prayers for the deceased man before the family and villagers carried the coffin away to the cemetary. His youngest daughter was carrying teh willow branch that symbolized his spirit. I feel so sorry for them, having to lose such a loving father and husband. Maybe I'll join the family in their prayers during the next few weeks, to make the post-death rituals a little more bearable.

Blog 3: While teaching my students today, I came across a particular passage of the Analects that caught my attention. It was a quote by Confucus himself that read "Those who are born with teh possession of knowledge are the highest class of men." As I read this to my students, I thought of how much children have changed since I was in school. Back then children were so much more interesting in learning and were much more eager to learn. Children now are so greedy and materialistic. They believe that class is determined my money and opulence. As I read this to them, they laughed at my reverece of knowledge, and continued to talk of how they would live in large mansions when they grew up, so that they would always be happy. When that they comes, when these children find out how much happier they would have been with literary and philosophical knowledge, they'll wish they had paid closer attention to my lectures.

The Wall

Hey there, this is neo-Confucianism here. Nice job with the religion and all, it's pretty cool. One thing you need, though, is some Buddhist influence. I mean come on, Buddhists are people too you know. Why can't we just be friends? I mean, Confucious knew his stuff but all of those Buddhists have some pretty sweet ideas as well. Think about it...


Hey! Thank you so much for your Confucian ideas, without which my dynasty could not have maintained its Chinese cultural hertiage. Without you we would be stuck in the past, where everything was influenced by the Mongols. Thanks again!!
<3 Ming Dynasty <3

If you spent less time dealing with your "feelings" and all that philisophy garbage, your people would not have questioned your authority. Take it from a group who really knew how to run a civilization. - Legalists

I just want to say that Confucianism totally rocks and that thanks to this important belief system, the people of China are being encouraged to get a rigorous education, ensuring a powerful political system of bureaucrats! Without Confuciansim, the great Middle Kingdom would be far less educated and far more politically inept, take that legalists!
-- Scholar Bureaucrats


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