Conquistadors (Spanish Conquerers)


Here we are fighting some heathen natives




Most of the technology we brought from mother Spain is what we will need to convert, by force, the natives to our infinitely better way of life. Because we have steel we have advanced swords and armor. We also have guns that, although they are hard to load and aim, are a fearsome weapon nonethless.
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Check out our advanced technology

We also have domesticated animals like horses and items like glass beads- the natives just love these.


Most of our culture revolves around our religion. Other than that we are mostly greedy, violent, ruthless and contentious, if that qualifies as a culture. Most of us spent our entire lives searching for mythical treasures like El Dorado, only to be disappointed.


We are extremely Catholic, and do everything in the name of the God and the Pope. We believe that by killing the heathen natives we will earn a spot in Heaven. We also use Christianity to justify killing natives and taking over the New World because we plan to convert all of the natives that survive. For instance we justified killing the ruler of the Incas because he threw the Bible on the ground.
What says I'm Catholic more that a big silver cross?


Blog Entry #1
Today we arrived in the New World, and established our first base. The natives here are a tricky and godless lot and we must be careful if we want to live long enough to find the source of all the gold and silver they have. We have already raised the flag of Spain above our camp and are in the process of raising a cross. Our duty to the Spain and the Pope demands that we claim this land for them, but beyond that we can more or less do as we wish. Who is going to complain if a few natives lose hands as punishment?

Blog Entry #2
Its been a busy few years as we topple the Native empires. If anything proves that God is on our side it is how we have destroyed these vast empires with so few men. Still I think that God would side with anyone over these natives. When our troops entered the Aztec temple at Tenochtitlan we were horrified to see the walls and floors covered in old blood and chambers holding the skulls and bones of thousands of human sacrifices, talk about disturbing. Sure in Spain we burned people at the stake for having slightly different religious beliefs, but that is nothing compared to this.

Blog Entry #3
Sigh, I suppose it was only a matter of time before our golden age came to an end. After we discovered silver at Potosi, the Spanish crown was sure to get involved more directly. Still it hurts that after having been used as an instrument of foreign policy for so long we are being cast aside in favor of viceroyalities. Next thing you know we are going to have taxes and laws. And what thanks to we get for all our work? I mean, who gave smallpox infested blankets to native tribes as gifts, who crushed all opposition and drove the natives off all of the good land, who developed the hacienda slave labor system? That's right we did, and what is our reward? Bureaucrats and Audiencias. Its just plain sad to see conquistadors return the Spain almost penniless, it must be how the Natives felt when we pushed them off their land, well if they were actually human enough to have feelings.

The Wall

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