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We basically had a lot of the things that the Spanish/Portuguese had...The steel weapons, the agricultural technology..we were trading partners with them because we were their colony.


We are born in the Americas, but our parents were from Spain and/or Portugal, so obviously our language is a type of Spanish/Portuguese.


Because we're the offspring of the Spanish and Portuguese, we are Catholic.


Yeah, so it stinks that just because we're creoles, those Spanish people think that they have the right to act all superior to us. Well, guess what, they don't. They come over here and boss us around. Something is gonna have to be done about that. We do work for them, and sure, sometimes we have it good, but they still think that they're in charge. What do they know? They're not even from here. This little caste system that they've set up, isn't gonna fly. We're going to have to make a change.

The nineteenth century... that was a good hundred years for us. We had a lot going on in Latin America. We were trading and creating plantations. It was all good, except that we wanted control. We had established independence from the mother country, Spain. Those Enlightenment guys had it right with all of their ideas so we drew upon them as inspiration. We didn't want another Haitian revolution or or some kind of social reform like that guy from France, Robespierre, was talking about. We just wanted to get rid of those peninsulares! Just want to say, we're not really a fan of the peninsulares. They think that they are better than us, but they're not. There is way more of us than them -- at least that was the situation back in 1800. We want to stay on top of things, where we rightly belong, without them. Eventually, we got our independence -- which we totally deserved.

We wanted to conquer the native people. Our buddies, the Caudillos, the regional military leaders, were coming into power. . Even in Mexico, we had a revolution. There was a need for reform so we did what any normal group of fired up people would do, start a revolution. Eventually we got our independence, but it was a long road filled with instability, hostility, and conflict.

The Wall

peninsulares The spainish are better than you and so aren't we, so get used to it because we control you!

Hola amigos! Just wanted to congratulate you guys on putting Brazil under mainly military authority. With both of us working together in power...they won't know what hit em! Creoles and Caudillos = BFFL! Caudillos

Dearest daughter,
I know you can't remember me in my purest form because you weren't born yet, but we are very much the same.In fact, I have made you much of what you are today! You speak just like me! Well, I can't actually say that you are a miniature version of me, because your father: South American European(s) also had a great effect on you. Your speech (for one) is a perfect amalgamation of the two of us!
Take care of yourself.
Love always,
Mother Maroon(s)
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