havana.jpg Havana, Cuba

cuba.jpg Cuba is located in the Caribbean Sea, just south of Florida. It's location is was particularly important during the Cuban missle crisis, and its location also causes a lot of illegal immigration by Cuban people to the United States.


People's Republic of China
Soviet Union


Although most people associate Cuban economy with cigars and sugar, we have made some significant discoveries in the biotechnology field, including hepatitis B and meningitis B vaccines. In addition, we also produce about 80 percent of the drugs needed by our 11 million people.


We are a Communist state, and have been that way since the 1960s. We love music and dancing, especially Salsa, because it ties into one of our popular religions: Santeria. Most of out culture (like language and food) is very much influenced by our Spanish heritage, but our African and Chinese population also plays an important role. Although many people think that we, like almost every other Latin American country, are in love with soccer, our favorite sport is baseball. Our major holidays include Liberation Day (January 1), on which we celebrate the victory of the Communist revolution, Independence Day (October 10), on which we commemorate our independence from Spain, and, like all good Catholics, Christmas on December 25.


havana_cathederal_cuba.gif Cathedral Square, Havana, Cuba

We are primarily Roman Catholic, but a few of us also practice Santeria and Judaism.


December 10, 1898: Today Spain signed the Treaty of Paris, and as a result, I gained independence from Spain! This marks the end of a time during which I tried three times to be free. The first time was after 1868, when Spain decided to free the slaves in all of it's territories, which, of course caused some problems for me. Then, luckily for me, Spain lost to the Americans in the Spanish-American War in 1902. I am so excited to be on my own!

January 1,1959: Today marks the first day of Fidel Castro's rule after he and his rebel army defeated Fulgencio Batista's forces, and have brought elections back to our government. People were saying all these wonderful things about Castro, and how fair he is to everyone. They honored him for killing so many of Batista's supporters. However, I was a little skeptical. I think he's going to end up being as power hungry as Batista. I was right. Castro, like Batista, has suspended all election.


October 16, 1962: Today,the President of the United States has announced to the world that the USSR has been building missles here, in my home. You should have seen how scared the United States became after hearing that they could possibly face an invasion, but I can also see how ready they are to invade if necessary. Meanwhile, the USSR and I have become very close. He has taught me something called Communism. Maybe I'll see if I like it.

The Wall

Hello comrade,
You have become enlightened to the brilliant works of Marx and his followers, and I see that you have turned Cuba into a communist state. It is great to see that the dictatorship of the proletariat is becoming widespread, and so close to the United States, who fear and hate us! Just one word of caution...As a smart revolutionary, beware of rulers who might turn our well-meaning communist message into a call for totalitarianism. This has happened before, and we would not like to see your people undergo the same fate. After all, communism is supposed to be above all a liberation from oppression and the class struggle.
Good luck, Communists
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