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Cyprus is an island located in the eatern Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey, southeast of Greece, and west of Syria. The green line represents the U.N. buffer zone that separates the Turkish northern region from the Greek southern region.

united_cyprus_flag.gif One of many proposed flags for a theoretical United Cyprus Republic. The blue and white represent the Greek Cypriots, while the red represents the Turkish Cypriots.

Friends of One Half, Enemies of the Other

Eastern Orthodox
Great Britain


Greek Cyprus:
Unemployment rate: 3.3%
Exports: citrus, grapes, potatoes, wine, cement, textlies, shoes
Trades with: Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Russia, and U.K.

Turkish Cyprus:
Unemployment rate: 6.4%
Exports: citrus, potatoes, textiles
Trades with: U.K., Turkey

Industries: textiles, chemicals, metal good, woods products, and tourism.
Agricultural products: potatoes, citrus, barley, grapes, vegetables, and olives.

Fun Facts:
- Tourism is Cyprus is boosted by the Greek mythology that claims that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was born on Cyprus.
- Turkish Cyprus's economy is noticable worse than Greek Cyprus's because it is only recongized by Turkey.

"The Birth Of Venus," by Botticelli


The culture of Cyprus is heavily influences by the various rulers it has had throughout history. WHile both Turkish and Greek Cypriots practice traditional dances and music festivals, the differing religions of each group cause them to have different cultural traditions. In the south, for example, the most popular holidyas include Easter, Lent, Christmas, and Ohi Day (which celebrates the end of the Italian presense in Greece during World War II. In the north, popular holidays include Eid al-Fatr, Eid al-Adha, and the fasting month Ramadan.

eid_shahi_jama.jpg Muslims pray at the Shahi Jamaa Musjid in India in celebration of Eid.

icon-helena.jpg Eastern Orthodox depiction of St. Helen and Constantine.


The population of Cyprus is divided into a primarily Islamic, Turkish northern region, and a predominantly Eastern Orthodox, Greek southern region. Islam came to Cyrpus as a result of Ottoman expansion from Turkey. However, the Turks in Cyprus practice Islam in a much less fundamentalist way than do the Muslims in the majority of the Middle East. Eastern Orthodox was established in Greece in 1054 AD, as a result of the Great Schism, which made the western half of the Roman Empire Roman Catholic, and the eastern half Eastern Orthodox. The Greeks spread their religious beliefs to Cyprus as they began to expand into their many Mediterranean islands. Although Eastern Orthodox is confined primarily to the south, many Greek Cypriots make a pilgrimage to the Apostolos Andreas Monestary in Northern Cyprus twice a year.
lala00.jpg Selimiye Mosque reflects a French architectural influence.

Kfar Nahum is an Eastern Orthodox church in Isreal, not too far from Cyprus. The domes reflect an Islamic influence.


Greek Blog 1: 1571
At last! I am free from Venice!!! I was so sick and tired of being persecuted just because we prayed differently than the Venetians. However, freedom came as a result of occupation by another group of people: the Ottomans. Yes, they too are burning our churches and acting as if they run the island, but this is only the beginning. I'll just have to wait and see what happens over the years.
Turkish Blog 1: 1571
I just got back from the party! My friends and I were celebrating our capture of the island of Cyprus from the Venetians. Before the party, we all went on a burning spree, relacing all those atrocious Eastern Orthodox churches with wholesome, beautiful mosques. In the past few days, I got to explore the island (mostly the north) and I saw the happy faces of those Greeks as my men and I paraded through the villages, announcing the end of Venetian rule. I must say, at first I was worried that Turkish minority would be dangerous, but after I saw those cheering villagers...What I can say? I am so awesome!
Greek Blog 2: 1821
I am so proud of Greece!!! After many years of subjugation by the Ottomans, they have finally fought for their independence! AND THEY WON! Of course,I and the Greek Cypriots supported them as much as we could, but the Ottomans went ballistic when they found out! People have been HANGED for supporting their own people! After we saw how dangerous the Ottomans were, we tried to be annexed to newly independent Greece (and Greece was totally down with that) and the Ottomans just continued to hang people. I HATE THE OTTOMANS!!!
Turkish Blog 2: 1875-1914
CURSE THE MODERN WORLD! War and economic competition EVERYWHERE! The troubles for the Ottomans and my fellow Turkish Cypriots came first with the start of the Crimean War in 1853, when those HORRIBLE Russians decided that they wanted to expand to the Mediterranean. Fortunately for the Ottomans, The British came to our rescue and effortlessly toppled those pathetic, unindustrialized Russians. I was so thankful of British aid. Anyone who supports the Turks is a friend in my eyes; however, I have a hunch that the British were more interested in protecting the Suez Canal so that they could get to India untroubled. Even after the Crimean War ended, those stupid British imperialists kept us away from our Ottoman caretakers. The greatest tragedy came in 1914, when the Axis defeat in The Great War ended the glorious empire of the Ottomans. What is this world coming to?!
Greek Blog 3: 2002
Kofi Annan has got to be the most racist, cruel, tyrannical person in existance! He and his stupid Annan Plan have ust officially skrewed us Greek Cypriots over. First he said that the Turks should get equal representation in government as us Greeks, even though they have about a fifth as many people as we do! what ever happened to majority rules. After that, he allowed the Turks to "ethnically cleanse" usGreeks in 1974, and just sits down and watched as our churches were burned, our people killed and our history taken from us. We are not even allowed to go to Kyrenia anymore! I do not understand how someone in the United Nations could allow such horrible things to happen!
Turkish Blog 3: 2002

God Bless you, Mr. Secretary General Annan. You have got to be the most wonderful man in the world. Thanks to you, my people were finally able to receive the property that is properly theirs. At last, the island of Cyprus can return to its Ottoman descendents. I can see how the Greeks are upset, what with that while ethnic cleansing incident of 1974. I'll admit, that was pretty awful of us to do, but Cyprus belongs to us. We won it from Venice in 1571, and we plan to keep it under our control.
New_CyFlag.gif Political cartoon representing Turkish cruelty towards Greeks.

image.gif Proposed flag for the proposed United Cyprus Republic.

NB: The Annan Plan has since been revised.

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