Deism - from Europe (early 18th century to present)

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Voltaire, a prominent Deist and philosopher.
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Deists are mostly found in Europe, specifically in England and France.


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We're all just philosophers, so the only technology we really use is our minds. Sometimes, however, we end up making cool new inventions, but most of the time we like to think about matters at hand rather than physically create them.


While the belief in Deism is popular among philosophers like Voltaire, the idea that you can believe in a god without believing in the supernatural teachings of Christianity is certainly not limited to philosophers. Deism does not have much of a presence in the daily lives of those that do not believe in it, and it is not a part of any major government.


We believe that a god exists, but we do not believe in the supernatural teachings of Christianity. To us, things such as Jesus' virgin birth and his ressurection should not be believed. Instead, we believe that the universe is an orderly realm that was set up by a powerful god who put it in motion and established natural laws to govern that realm. We also believe that this god does not commonly intervene in our affairs. A favorite simile of ours regarding our beliefs is that god is like a watchmaker who does not need to operate on his creation because it operates itself based on its own laws.


February 14th, 1750 - You know Voltaire, that famous philosopher guy? Well I met him at a party today! He was talking to me about all sorts of things I couldn't understand, but when he mentioned his religious beliefs it totally struck a chord with me. I don't believe in any of that supernatural crap either, so when he told me that you can believe in a god without believing in that stuff I was extremely excited. Consider me a recently converted Deist...

The Wall

Who do you people think you are? You are all going to Hell for sure, you ungrateful heretics! How can you believe in God, but insult him by belittling the true facts of Jesus Christ and all the supernatural stuff that we preach in our churches. Have you even read the Bible? If you believe in an invisible deity in heaven that watches your life, why is it so difficult to make the giant leap to believing in virgin births and bodily ascents into heaven? Oh well, you'll learn your lesson for your sins, in eternal damnation. And eternity is a long time. If you want be saved, take my good Samiritan advice and go read a Bible - if all that philosophical and scientific garbage hasn't corrupted your mind enough...
- Christianity