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1789: French Revolution: Those barbarians! What an extreme move to make...disrupting the social balance at such an extreme level! Their revolution was a chaotic and irresponsible assault on society. Society is really not meant to change so much in such little time; change must be gradual and needed. Instead of calling for fast and total change, the French should try and maintain the values of the past. A revolution such as this will only bring about anarchy...and nobody wants that. The disorganization displayed by the French Revolutionaries is not only immature, but also uncalled for. This wild revolution did not only upset our own Edmund Burke, but also other smart people who believed that in France, whatever was working in the past should be good enough to work in the future. Change should only occur if very compelling counter-arguments are given. Even so, changes which do take place should do so gradually and as an outgrowth of the natural order of things.

french_rev.jpg--those French animals...what a mess!!

1763: American Revolution: Well, it's about time. I wish those rowdy French could learn from this: a NATURAL and EXPECTED societal progression. Gradual change, thats what it's all about. The American Revolution was bound to happen, it was inevitable. And it's not like the whole thing was conducted by lunatics asking for extreme change and beheading the monarchs and other authorities of the past. Noo! It was constructed tactfully and carefully and most importantly, done for a good, logical reason. There is absolutely nothing wrong with revolutionary change as long as it is moderate and natural.

1860s: Civil Rights: Those mangy liberals...trying to abolish slavery and advocating female suffrage! We can't believe people are making such a big stink about these Enlightenment ideals. Girls' education should simply prepare them for their primary roles as housewives and mothers. We all know that we do not have the most optimistic about positive views about human nature. The reason we are not supporters of the Civil Rights Movement is because we prefer tradtional authority systems (the white male). We are pretty sure that humans are inherently selfish, unreasonable, and violent. Empowering those indignant minorities will be enabling these rampant instincts to run free and run our government! People, we canNOT allow this!! The only defense we have on these commonfolk is a strong central government based on mostly traditional values. This system has preserved society so far, why change?


the homeland of the great Edmund Burke and the founding place of our wonderful ideology :)


Early Conservatives (Economists) (1789-1900s)


Edmund Burke who believed society should change slowly over time; expressed resistance to change


American Revolutionaries
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=Technology=Instead of technological means, our ideology was spread through essays, books, and speeches. Not much force or effort was put into creating better ways to spread our beliefs. We developed schools that followed the Conservative belief. We also used the Protestant Reformation to help spread our belief and get some followers.


Since different cultures have different established values, in different cultures, we have different goals. Some of us want to preserve the status quo, while others of us seek to return to the values of an earlier time, the status quo ante.
Our original ideology is defined as “the survival and enhancement of a particular people and its institutionalized cultural expressions"
For instance, we thought that the American Revolution was a natural and logical outcome of history and the French Revolution was violent and irresponsible.

Our culture can be called a philosophy that supports preservation of the heritage of a nation or certain culture. Those of us who believe in cultural conservatism try to adapt norms handed down from the past.

We believe that radical change or revolution (as was seen in the French Revolution) can only lead to anarchy.


Most of us follow the traditional faith of our time. We like to stick to the strict, old-fashioned faith of our areas. We are mainly Roman Catholic

=The Key Players=-Thomas Hobbes-John Locke-Edmund Burke ( we totally recommend his book Between Ideologies...very, very good!)
-Roger Scruton

=What We Are All About=When we say status, you all say quo! Staus! (Quo) Status (Quo)Those two words basically summarize all we want...there is nothing wrong with old systems and old economic situations. We are counterreformation and believe that change should and can happen in a slow and orderly manner.Our belief began during the American Revolution when a bunch of us were in Britain (above, duh) and supported those American colonists who revolted against British rule. Although most of us are all for the nation-state and a nationalist attitude, we agreed with the American Revolution.Around 1789, the time of the French Revolution, our wonderful belief really began to catch on. With Confucius in China, Cicero in Rome, and the concept of counterreformation in France, we got realllly popular around this time.The ideas of Enlightnement trouble us, to some extent, and we like to follow tradition (Fiddler on the Roof fans out there, you hear us!)


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