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1763 and 1789: Revolutions: We are oh-so happy that society is making appropriate changes to move towards a better future. In both America and France progressions are being made to ensure that civil liberties are attained and individual freedom is made possible. While our rivals, the Early Conservatives, think that the French Revolution occurred too quickly and crazily, we fully support it. Any change made to decentralize authority and put more power in to the hands of the masses is a-okay by us!

1800s Slavery: After meeting Olaudah Equiano, we are all feeling even more passionate about putting an end to slave trade and seeing that universal suffrage and equality are reached. We think that the idea of racial superiority is stoic and embarassingly outdated. Clearly, all men and women are created equal and there is no reason for this blantant inferiority. Abolition of slavery is happening worldwide because of our cool followers.

1700s -1800s: Word on the street is that they're gonna pass a bill having women be allowed to vote in the United States! This makes us really satisfied since we believe in enlightenment ideals and fully support Mary Astell and other women suffragettes. Mankind, as a race is inherently good and each individual has the potential to bring change and richness to society. In order to reach a modern and innovative society, women must be given the right to vote.

Early Liberals (Economists)


John Stuart Mill: follower of Early Liberalism, advocator of individual freedom and minority rights


American Revolutionaries
French Revolutionaries

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Technologies at the time included speeches and books which were easily spread and enabled our message to be conveyed easily.


Most of us are European Christians. Although, religion is not an important factor to us...we believe in equality!


We believe strongly in Enlightenment ideals such as freedom and equality. For us, change is normal and considered a welcome, refreshing agent of forward progress. Not to say that all change should occur, but, rather, all change should occur if it would maintain the interests and benefits of society. By adhering to Enlightenment ideals, we think society will climb to higher standards of morality and ethics and this will bring about increased prosperity for society as a whole. We think that the individual should pursue their own interests and be their own driving force. This kind of individual freedom will be enhanced by universal suffrage, another biggie for us.

=Key Figures=These guys are the REAL American idols....drum roll please!-John Stuart Mill-Milton Friedman-good ole FDR-Adam Smith-David Ricardo
Jeremy Bentham

=What We Are All About=Just a quick run down of some of our favorite policies....we are all for laissez faire systems of government in which civil liberities, individuals' rights, and human rationality are stressd. We are also huge fans of "spontaneous order" or the concept of the "invisible hand" that will help society propser through laissez-faire economics. We think that free trade is a righteous idea and "if goods cannt cross bordes, then armies will."Basically, we like to give power to you all...the people, the citizen, the human.



====The Wall=
Major language was English


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