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We believe that we, the Eastern Orthodox Church, are the true continuation of the Church that Jesus Christ established and that we have best adhered to the traditions of the early Church. We also believe that Jesus Christ remains the head of the Church and that no single person may presume to speak for him. No new decisions affecting the Church can be made without the meeting of an Ecumenical Council that is divinely influenced by the Holy Spirit.


We are a form of Christianity that broke from the Roman Catholic Church during the Great Schism and continue to follow the true path. We believe that statues of Jesus or any other religious figure are "sinful" because it tends to lead towards the idol worship present in Greek pagan religions. However icons, written descriptions of people that can sometimes be turned into paintings or drawings are acceptable because the worshiper is venerating the individual in the image, not the paint and wood itself. We also beleive that any person who obtains a position in heaven is a saint, whether their name is known or not. A difference between our faith and the Roman Catholic faith we split from is that we do not believe in a Purgatory, or intermediate place between Heaven and Hell. We believe that until Judgement Day a soul is temporarily placed in Heaven or Hell, but can be moved thanks to prayers from the living faithful.


Blog Entry One:
451 C.E. -- The Fourth Ecumenical Council concluded today and it has produced a new guideline for the Church to follow. The council has declared that Jesus Christ was both 100 % human and 100 % divine without any mixture of his two natures. This is just the fourth of a string of successive councils that have been called to settle heated disputes on hot topics of our religion. These councils take place democratically with all the bishops and the conclusion is decided by the will of the Holy Spirit.
Blog Entry Two:
787 C.E. -- The Seventh ( and hopefully final) Ecumenical Councial ended today. It was called by Empress Irene to discuss the dispute surrounding Icons and Idols and how they should be approached in our religion. The Council came to the conclusion that the veneration of Icons is allowed, as long as it is not all out worship, but statues of Holy figures (Idols) are forbidden because it can lead to Idol worship. I hope this is the last change to our doctrine. All the changes are so hard to keep track of.
Blog Entry Three:
1054 C.E. -- The patriarch of our church and the pope of the Roman Catholic Church mutually excommunicated (or kicked out of the church) each other today in the culmination of the Great Schism. Neither side, the Roman Catholic Church nor the Eastern Orthodox Churh, will recognize the other's beleifs and idals as properly Christian. This dipute has been raging for centuries over a variety of topics ranging from the relationships between God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, to the shaving of beards. I am positive that this will not be the last of our differences.

The Wall

Tsk Tsk Tsk. You figure a separate form of Christianity coming from Catholicism would have a better name. Seriosuly you guys would not have known about Jesus without us. How is worshiping our Lord and Savior by having pictures and statues of him be idle worship. If you believe that , then giving praise to God is idle worship. YOu need to understand that we are not prasing the picture but the person on the picture and what the figure means . You have us all wrong yet you chose to bad mouth us. Very Christain of you huh???. WE are angry :()!!! Catholics

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