We Egyptians are very technologically advanced for the time. We have made and used many different tools made of first bronze, then copper, and later Iron. We use these tools to create monuments such as the pyramids of Giza, and the Great Sphinx. We also created the first technologies of ramps and levers to move blocks weighing over 1000 pounds in construction of our pyramids. Along with that we created calendars, sundial clocks, and Hieroglyphs, our pictographic written language.
Although our religion had no acctuall name this does not mean it isn't immensely complex. Our religion is a polytheistic one believing in many different gods each with their own purpose. The two most important of our gods is Amon-Ra, the sun god and Osiris, the god of the underworld. Osiris is the most vital due to are heightened appreciation of the afterlife. Therefore many burial preparations are needed when a person dies, such as embalming and a seventy day mummification process. (If the deceased’s family can afford it.) People are also buried with personal belonging, and even money to take with them, and pay their way into the underworld.

Ancient Egyptians (3000 B.C. - 395 A.D.)

external image pyramid.jpg
Our magnificent Pyramid
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Map of our land





Here in Egypt we believe heavily in the afterlife. Our culture is very much based upon this. Therefore regular worship of a god, any one it doesn’t matter which one, is a must. Daily life consists of farming along the Nile for most present people men and boy while woman and girls tend to the housework: cooking, cleaning, extra. In Egypt we often keep cats as pet they are worshiped and respected here; ther are even used for hunting and often mummified.



Blog 1:
Today I witnessed the mummification of a man it was a very complicated procedure. First the body was cut open and all organs, other then the heart, were placed in canopic jars. Next the brain was extracted thought the nostrils. The body would afterward be dried out using salts and spices for preservation. Finally the body was rapped in linen and covered in different ornate objects depending on how much the family could afford to spend on the deceased.

external image mummy.jpg external image egypt.2.large.jpg
Mummy & Sarcophagus Some art and hieroglyphs from within a pyramid

Blog 2:
Today I watched the building of one of the great pyramid of Giza. This pyramid was built for the pharaoh in honor of his reign. In order to build it we needed many slaves from nubia for the workload. The procdure was quite complex. First small canals were needed to transport the bricks, and then pulleys, and levers, were used in move the bricks up the pyramid. The bricks were then packed in from one side to another with mud holding it together. When the pyramid was complete it was about 140 meters high.

Blog 3:
In the age of the new kingdom we have gone from a once great strong country to one struggling for survival. There have been many external threats placed on our kingdom from numerous places. First we were invaded by the Nubians to our south, who we had once dominated. We have also fallen under the influence of the assyrian empire. However a new hope arose when pharaoh Psamtik I once again allowed us a brief moment of independence which was, however, short lived. We then fell under the control of Persia and finally became a part of the Roman Empire.

The Wall

Hey! I'm really excited that we share the same religious background. I mean we worship some of the same gods and have similar cults!! Yay!! <3 your pals the Nubians : )Phoenicians: Hey Egyptians! Because we Phoenicians focused on trade more than military expansion, you often extended your imperial rule to us.You are great trading partners. Not too far away and always ready to trade. and the Carthaginian people are aprreciative for your business. please continue the trade!Achaemenid Empire - Hey guys, just stopping by to point out that our empire is better than yours, or anyone else's for that matter. We were one of the only empires to ever interupt the rule of the Pharoahs of Egypt. After we took over you, of course, we also became the largest empire that the world had ever seen up until that point in time. So, basically, we are just much cooler than you in so many different ways. =)
Mesopotamians: I assure you, it has only been a pleasure being located next to such a wonderful land. You have provided us Mesopotamians with many rich and fine things from yourselves and have helped us develop even more. You have beautiful cities, and that is what attracts us so much. Thanks for being there for us!
Hey Egypatians!!! Well I'm sorry that you believe that you are more powerful than us. But tell me something, how can that be true, when our leader, King Kashta conguered Egypt, starting the Kushite dynasty? How about be just compromise and say that we both are powerful civilizations that dominate the Nile River Valley? <3 Nubians