It has been a very important year but first lets begin with Haile Selassie. He is our emperor. He got us our indep-
endence from Italy with the help of British troops (when we won the British got nothing....shady huh?). Anyway, we
had a major drought two years ago and it just ended killing over hundreds of thousands of people. We got a great deal
of aid but Selassie's corrupt government took most of the money for their own pleasures. We (the people) were furious.
We had to do something and we did. We organized a group and attakced, bombed, and went gangster on them. Sel-
assie's government did fall and our military (jenta) took Selassie in to demand for the millions of dollars that we did not
recieve. He is currently being held at a prison by the jentas. We have hope that we will have a better government in the

Yeah we know we have our history with Somalia but that was just un-called for. Ok, actually it wasnt it has been builiding
up to it with the drought, the rebellions, and our history. Ogaden is a area which we both want to control. Whoever,
controls it obv. has more power. When Somalia attacked us we defeated them easily with the help of Cuba and the Soviet
Union. We still own it, but Somali's army is nothing now...it's sad.

Fighting with Somali is getting crazy now. We have been fighting non-stop lately. We went into the capital of Somalia and we killed over 200 people. Bodies were just lying there on the street. Shows them not to mess with us. We both want to stop the fighting but that is not going to happen unless someone helps us. We are clearing asking for help but we bet no one knows about the inhumane war going on.
external image ethiopia_pol99.jpg (clearly see how close we are with our enemies)

Ethiopians (1900-Present Day)

external image 10%20Ethiopia.jpg
Two Ethiopian brothers walking

external image 600px-Flag_of_Ethiopia.svg.png
(SHABAM!, thats our awesome flag)


Islamic Empire
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=Technology=We really do not have that much technology. We have weapons but those are extremely outdated. However , it's
not like we're living the past we have cars, houses, and elaborate builidings. We hope to advance in the future, but
with all the problems that we have currently, our dream seems to be fading.


Our culture is very diverse. We have been influnenced by many countries over the years which has
ended up with a very intersting and beautiful culture. Our music is extremely fun. We NEED drums
in our songs. We speak many different languages but English is widely known and used. Our food
cannot have any pork in it because a little less than half of our country is Muslim.
external image ethiopia_hamar_tribe.jpg
(a Ethiopian girl, now that's culture!)


We have two dominment religions in our country. First, is Christianity since the Kingdum of Axum in the 6th
century we have maintained the Chrisitian faith even when we were isolated by our Muslim neighbhoors. Islam,
is our second main religion. When Arab merchants first came and introduced the religion of Islam many converted.


The Wall