Since we are highly skilled, we manufacture high-quality bronze and iron goods. We also turn gold and silver into beautiful jewelry.
My people also have a very powerful fleet that actively trades across the western Mediterranean.
We worship many gods since we are polytheistic.
These gods are venerated by my people within large temples, that we built throughout the country.

The Etruscans (8th to 5th centuries B.C.E.)

etruscan13.gif Eutruscan Art


Celtic People



Developing in the area of Italy that would later become Rome, the culture of my people is basically that of the Romans. We were the founders of Rome, so their ideals and culture stemmed from our customs.
etruscans.gif Area inhabited by the Etruscans (in red)



Blog Entry 1 --> Have you ever heard of a little civilization known as Rome? Well Rome would never have be founded if it was notfor my glorious people. For Romulus founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C.E. , and the development of this city was heavily influenced by my people. Our area is governed by a monarchy, as Rome was in its begining stages. Also, a few Roman kings were Etruscans like me. Without my people Rome would have never gotten on its feet.
Blog Entry 2 --> My people are basically responsible for turning Italy itself into a thriving area. My people dominated Italy for a large portion of time, from the eigth to fifth centuries B.C.E. We originally migrated from Anatolia, but then slowly moved into Tuscany, anf Florence. Eventually my people encompassed an area stretching from the Po River valley in the north to Nqaples in the south. Turning this time that my people inhabited Italy, the area underwent tremendous political and economic development.
Blog Entry 3 --> Trade is an important part of the lives of my people. We actively trade along the Mediterranean, especially during the sixth century B.C.E. However, we are not trading right on the sea like other countries do. Instead, we bring traffic through Rome by the way of the Tiber River. This allows us to remain safe from any attacks by sea. It is a genius plan that allowes Rome to prosper greatly after my society has collapsed.

The Wall

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