French (WWI-Present)

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Lots of things...we came up with Braille, diesel engine, the Eiffel tower!, the guillotine (amazing execution equipment don't you think?), pasteurization, the bikini and the french kiss!.... You're welcome!


We are more than just wine and cheese. Don't get me wrong, alot of France is just wine and cheese but we've also got great cuisine, fashion, art, music, architecture and literature. Just take Paris, it's famous all over the world.


Although predominantly Catholic, we do tolerate and allow other religions.


World War I left us in an interesting position as a world power. Although we were a front runner in power, some of the country was left in ruins after the brutality of the war. Sure, we were victorious, but some areas of our beloved country was a disaster. Our strength had deteriorated. We had been weakened by the blow caused by the war.

Can't believe we did it again. As if the First World War wasn't bad enough, we had to go fight again. This time, Germany was bigger, and badder... and right next to us the whole time. We were torn, as the Nazis started to take over our beautiful country. There wasn't much we could do. Resist as we might, they were just too strong and us too weak. It wasn't until other nations intervened that we were able to regain our control from Germany and the war ended. Once again, we were left in pieces -- in shambles! It was devastating and I don't think we've ever recovered. Now, we're all about love, not war. Well, maybe not love, but definitely not war. We can't afford another loss like that, especially when we still have to put ourselves back together today.

Ok, things aren't going so well in Indochina. We thought that we'd be able to run another country, and make a little colony for ourselves, but that just isn't working out too well. We tried putting in European schools, structures, government and even encouraged the natives to convert to Christianity (they just needed to be a bit more civilized), but even though we put in a good effort, there was a bit too much conflict for our likings. Although we obviously had the upperhand with our technology, their barbaric warfare and lifestyle was getting to be a bit of a nuisance. Oh well, we just gave it up to the United States -- they think they're so good at everything anyway.

The Wall

-Hey France! You think you guys are so cool? You think you can humiliate and render us helpless after the Great War by having us sign the Treaty of Versailles and blaming the war on us? It's not even like you guys won the war. You had to have your little American friends help. You think you can ruin our economy and make us weak? Haha you're that afraid of us? Well, how do you like us now, huh? We just totally owned you and your pathetic army with our beastly Blitzkrieg tactics. Now, we are the victors! We've taken over your entire country and made it subordinate to the great Third Reich of Germany! We even installed a little puppet government in Vichy France, to embarrass you in front of the entire world stage. Haha yeah, what now? Exactly, now you will pay for all that you have done. You previously dismantled our Holy Roman Empire under Napoleon, and more recently, crushed us in the Great War, and it is time for you to realize the consequences!- Nazis

In response to the previous comment I think you are forgetting who actually won World War II. Ohh thats right I remeber the allied powers. Although you Nazis may not realize it now you are about to be owned. Get ready because we are coming and you can say bye to your fearless leader Hitler because he ends up committing suicide like a coward. Nazis prepare to die
Love, allied powers

Yes, sharing an army is great (it makes it easier to invade you) we are neighbors, and we should get along, we look forward to fighting while you all shrink away from war. But eh, you would get in the way anyways, Germany.
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