Franks: France: 400s - 800s ce

The baptism of Clovis
Our kingdoms, around 600 CE




This is a picture of the heavy plow.
We developed some agricultural technology. We have the heavy plow, watermills, and the horse collar. These made agriculture much easier for us.


We have a rural, agricultural society. We are also Roman Christians.
This is a statue of Charlemagne.


We are Roman Catholic. We are not Arian Christians like our neighbors, but Roman Christians. We have the support of the pope.


blog 1, 486 ce
Clovis was a great leader. We became strong and powerful under his leadership. We became the preeminent military and political power in Western Europe. Clovis led an army in 486 on a campaign that wiped out the last vestiges of Roman authority in Gaul. He united us under his rule, and he set out to protect us. Clovis organized campaigns against our Germanic neighbors. Clovis made us the most powerful and dynamic of the peoples building new states in Europe.
blog 2, 732 ce
Charles Martel is known for his military prowess. At the battle of Tours, he turned back a Muslim army that had come from Spain. Spain had been conquered by north African Muslims. Charles Martel wanted to acquire lands north of the Pyrenees mountains. With a victory, he was able to persuade Muslim rulers of Spain that it was not worthwhile for them to seek further conquests in western Europe.
blog 3, 774 ce
We are deeply committed to Roman Christianity. We are protectors of the papacy. We destroyed the power of the Lombards, who had been threatening the pope and the city of Rome, with a military campaign led by Charlemagne. Charlemagne attempted to spread Christian learning. He encouraged to establishment of schools, and he persuaded priests to offer free instruction in reading and writing.

The Wall

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