Fulani - from Africa (1680-19th Century)

A Fulani woman sporting the precursor to the mohawk.
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We hang out in the green area.


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Islamic Empire
Mali Empire
African Slaves


While on our military campaigns to make the people of Africa follow Islam, we used an assortment of spears and swords to get our way and spread out strict views of Islam. We also have a variety of farming equipment such as plows and irrigations systems for use with agriculture.


Our culture totally thrives around our religion. We started off as just being pastoral people kept herds of cattle in West Africa, but as time went on, starting near the year 1680, we began to go on military campaigns to spread our strict form Islam to the rest of Africa. Now we have some powerful states in Guinea, Senegal, Mali, and northern Nigeria, and we also have schools set up in various towns and villages to teach the Quran.


If it isn't clear to you now, hopefully it will start to sink in soon: we're all about Islam. Not only do we think Islam is awesome, we think it's so awesome that we should interpret the teachings of the Quran as strict as possible. There's no wiggle room here, we just do what the Quran says. Because of our love of Islam, we think that we should try and attack people so they can love Islam as much as we do. Islam is so great that it should be everywhere, and Africa is just the place to start.


March 16th, 1680 - Today, when I was visiting my grandparents, my grandfather told me a story from his past. He spoke of our culture, the Fulani, and how his great-grandfather was once a herder in the savanna of west Africa. He had an entire herd of cattle, but one day they all escaped from their enclosement while he was busy reading the Quran. He figured that it was an act of Allah, and he went on his way...

March 18th, 1680 - I'm back from my grandparents house. Thank Allah. Apparently I'm back just in time because the Fulani are planning on starting up a military campaign to make Islamic states in west Africa. Cool!

January 17th, 1740 - I am now an old Fulani, and since I am no longer able to fight I decided that I would teach the Quran to those uneducated in the wonderful ways of Islam! I am in a random and remotely located village in west Africa right now where I have been sent to educate the people who live there about Muslim thinking and ideas. There's nothing I love more than teaching Islamic doctrine to the young and ignorant...

The Wall

Hey Friend,
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your determination to keep your culture alive. We share that same stubborn personality of making sure that we are respected. Did you knw that we were taking a stand against our oppressors at around the same time? Pretty wild! We are so similar, yet I feel as if we couldn't be BEST friends. I respect you, but my cultural pride is stronger than anything. As with yours, and I respect that about you, but conflicts in cultural pride is too much to over look. Luckily we aren't next-door neighbors.
Much respect,