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external image Fokker%20Dr1%20in%20battle.jpgManfred von Richthofen (the red Barron) in a dogfight with a British fighter.

A map showing modern germany


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Manily military, including, The Tank, Rockets and Nerve gas.


Deutschland - is our name, and our culture can be found in it, our exactness and complexity is very present in our neme. Complexity is a large part of German Culture, too. This country has given birth to a number of prominent people to the world: Goethe and Hitler, Dietrich and Bismarck, Einstein and Honecker. Some good and some bad, but all important nonetheless. a modern society contradting greatly with our adherence to old-time traditions, resolute standing to one's colors - with love of fun holidays, overall devotion to beer - with no less devotion to wine. These points define our unique Culture and make it a broad and rich topic for investigation for the historian, and the common person alike. Like most countries of the world, Germany is perceived with a set of stereotypes formed regarding its past and present. What kind of people are Aryans? Belligerent and superior, or kind and friendly? Do Germans usually walk around in Lederhosen drinking beer? No, not now like most European nations Germany is now modarnising, however they are still holding on to old traditions and culture.


Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 3.7%, unaffiliated or other 28.3%


Blog 1 April 1926: We have Just secured a treaty with the USSR the time is now to forfill the furrer's destany, the blitzkreg (lightning warfare) will begin, Poland, france, and denmary will fall, we will stand victorious upon the ruins of Copenhagen, Warsaw and Paris.

Blog 2 May 1940: We have sucessfuly conqured all of mainland europe, Stalen's forces will die in Russia, and operation Sea Lion will bring Brittan to it's knees.

Blog 3 May 2, 1945: Our worst fear has become actuiality, the americans and british were able to gain a foothold on the beaches of normandy, now the American, British, and Russian armies are rushing tward Berlin, our last offensive, "The battle of the Buldge, was a complete fainlue, the Furrer's dream is done, we have failed him. He killed humself, but oh well.

The Wall

Belgians : We are absolutely disgusted with your government and region. You are disgraceful. How dare you come into our country with hopes of declaring war on another! HOW DARE YOU!!! And how dare you absolutely disregard our call for neutrality. It is unbelievable that it took Britain to declare war on you to stop. You are a disgusting country and have horrible beliefs with your so called "Shlieffen Plan." We have never been so outraged.

Ok, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your military with us. I know we had some conflicts back in the 1900s, but what's in the past is in the past. Sure, you guys tried to completely take over the world, and yeah, you kinda got a little too close for comfort -- we're neighbors, yes, but that doesn't mean you have to always be over here! Anyway, ya, we have worked things out because we definitely can't afford another fight. Yours truly, The French!

Hey we won't invade you if you don't invade us either. Deal? But hey this doesn't mean we're friends or anything, we just won't pick on each other. Better to pick on the smaller, less powerful countries right? -- xOx Austro-Hungarian Empire

We are awesome and together we will take over the world! axis powers

Hey, why are you so mean to your Protestants? There is no need to exile the best people of your country to South Africa to be with the Dutch. So not cool. - Afrikaners

Germany, you have broke your word. Though we are not in power. The Bolsheviks are appauled at your lack of integrity. After Lenin's death the Soviet Union may not as grand as it was. Stalin is our leader, and this is deplorable. And the people of the Soviet Union will fight you with all that we have. The Bolsheviks
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