English Empire, a.k.a. Great Britain - Britain rocks the world, and Rocks you.



Australian Aboriginals
Holy Roman Empire


The British Empire is well known for its amazing naval forces. Because England is an island, the country depends on a strong navy, and many imports and exports with foreign countries for the desired resources. Britain, was the most powerful nation in the world until Germany began industrializing extremely fast in 1871, when Otto von Bismarck unified Germany. Britain would not stand for this, though, and Germany and Britain began in an arms race. Great Britain had a protectorate on Belgium. When Germany invaded Belgium, this is when Britain became involved in the beginning of World War I.


We like to drink Tea. We also enjoy going sailling in the British Channel. We also enjoy easy access to the ocean. Our culture also involves archery.


We are Catholic.


BLOG 1: We have just invaded India for coastal control. We hope soon, to have great ports for easy access and a great income coming into our growing country. We require many resources to maintain our economy, I hope that this control will succeed. BLOG 2: I fear that Germany is becoming too powerful, and possibly may invade Belgium. We must call to arms as soon as possible in case of an attack. I fear that Germany is also producing a very powerful naval force, they call them "u-boats." We must act now, or it may be too late, we must keep Germany under close surveillance. We must remain a world power!

The Wall

Vikings: AY! We are going to take over ya land laddies. Be prepared for total domination of the vikings!! You will not prevail against our large ships and our advanced maritime skills and innovations. You will be nothing Britain.

Hey, how come I'm not on your friends' list? I mean Yea I know we have a rocky past, but I thought we were tight! Anyway, I just wantd to appologize one more time for dumping all your tea into Boston Harbor. I don't really regret doing it, but I have to think of less violent ways to solving my problems.
- Love Always, The United States

HEY What the hell are you guys thinking. Have you and your King George gone mad. You think that we are going to stop practicing our Catholic faith, are you nuts. You think that we Irish people are going to settle for this ha think again. We will fight you until you cry everytime you hear the word //Irish//.
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Protestants- first I want to say to the Irish men above me. SHUT YOUR MOUTH. If you were truly a good Christain group then you would not say h e double hockey stick in public. Have you no shame. I would also say that I am very happy with Britain. You realized the problems with the Catholic church and realized a more pure way is better. I applaud you efforts for bringing Protestantism into the main stream. May God Bless and I hope you have a good day.

Hay you crazy Brits, World War I was not completly our fault, and we should not be forced to pay off three countries worth of war debts, and in gold of all things, not nice, not nice, this will come back to bite you. We will get you back we swear it! -Germany

Just wanted to stop in say hello. Thanks for the really nice coins and for the English speaking parts of our country. Although we're still trying to get those silly kids in Quebec to catch onto the whole English thing, we had a good time being under your rule. No hard feelings. -- Love, Canada

Just dropping a note to tell you our people are doing much better, actually that's a lie, they're all dying and its your fault. We were doing perfectly fine and you just invaded our space (which wouldn't have been a problem if you didn't make us all sick. Well just trying to make you feel bad, which you should -- xOx Australian Aboriginals

-It may be that our future selves are allies, and sometime later we may befriend each other, but we are, as of now, definitely enemies. Honestly, we are our own independent people and we don't deserve to be taxed at such high rates. You live over one thousand miles away, you don't have the right to impose insanely high taxes on us, like those on tea, stamps, and other necessities. We resent those tarriffs and beleive that they are unfair, since you have no business meddling in the affairs of our daily lives. No taxation without representation! As of July 4th, 1776, we have declared ourselves an independent nation and are no longer subject to your foolish and pointless laws. And don't think that we will give in if you try to enforce your laws through martial rule. We will fight back, and we will fight to the death. Despite our amateur militias, and our untrained army, we will prevail, and prove to the world that we can overcome the might British Empire.- American Revolutionaries

Hey! I thought you were Protestant, too! Don't tell me that you have sunk down to the low level of the French?
- Afrikaners

Sikhs 2007
Yo~You know you like the culture we brought to you guys...I mean Southall in London, that's us baby! We've had a long relation, you and us Sikhs. Remember World War II? When Captain Ishar Singh was awarded the Victoria Cross, or how about Lance Karam Singh who was awarded the Military Medal? I'm just saying, whenever I as a Sikh visit my aunt down by Southall, there are a good amount of British there. Oh and Chicken Tikka, who created that? Yeah your national dish wouldn't be there without us. I just wanted to say that I am truly excited to see you all at places such as Southall. Here's a nice beat for you British by my man RISHI RICH CHYEAH!:

While I confess that I absolutely despised you about 60 years ago, I must admit that you had a few possitive impacts on our society. You gave us railroads and taught us how to utilize our fertile land, and influenced our education system. (This doesn't mean that I'm forgiving you for exploiting my people and slaughtering them in the Amritsar Massacre, and that whole tax on salt thing. Next cricket season, you are going DOWN!). -India

Why don't you go sip some tea or something because you don't know whats coming. Britain you are about to be blitzed. Get ready to be bombed and destroyed by us. We will never surrender and shall die for our purpose. Good luck trying to shoot us down
Axis powers

You changed your faith becasue you wanted money. I believe Christ said my house shall not be a den of robbers and you are robbing your citizens the passage to heaven. They would be in hell for the rest of their lives because of your greed. Words cannot express my disgust towards you. You used to be in the right path and used to be going to heaven but your corruption led you astray. I pray for you everyday. MAy God bless and have pitty on your sould. Catholics

Shalom chaps! Yo, we thank you for helpin' us out over the years. It's nice to know the Brits got our backs. From the time of Saladin to the establishment of the State of Israel, we thank you for the assistance. Fo shizzle bros, feel free to drop by for some matzo ball soup anyday! -Judaism
Thank you Britian, for putting an end to the slave trade, and the supression of our culture, If you hadn't started it to begin with that would have been better, but at least it was somthing, Baga.

We're really wondering why we're still on speaking terms with you right now. After all, you did dominate India and thoroughly exploit our people and our land. You forced us to become your supplier of raw goods. You undermined our industries. You closely monitored and controlled our economy, even more so after the Suez Canal opened. You disregarded our traditions and branded us as an inferior species to yourselves. You used us as expendable soldiers during World War I. And we could go on and on about all the atrocities you've committed against us. But then again, we suppose you are deserving of a little respect. You did first introduce us to your advanced technology, such as railroads and telegraphs. And Gandhi did learn a few things from you about politics and law that helped him bring India to independence. But don't get too full of yourself. We definitely wouldn't hesitate to pop that ego of yours if it ever gets too big again (chicken korma) - Indian National Congress