The Greek (2200 B.C.E. - 200 B.C.E.)

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Being from Greece, we are expert and fearless seamen.
ancientGreece~TL10~TitansOlyp~r50s6.jpg Area of Ancient Greece, showing how much access we had to the water


Our culture was the founders of the Olymic Games. Every year our best athletes are sent to the polis of Olympia where they compete in athletic, literary, and music contests. These games test both strength and skill, and the winners receive olive wreaths and became known as heros. This glorious event takes place every four years. In addition to this, we have strict rules about the sexual orientation of our people. Men homosexuality is permitted, but not female, which is looked down upon. Also, we are heavily influenced by the Phoenicians.


Our religion is not limited to a single god or goddess. We instead are polythestic, with the personification of the sun, wind ect. All of those that are worshiped are described within different myths. Some examples would include Athena, Zeus, and Apollo.


Blog Entry 1 --> Being Greek entails that you are of a high class within the world's society. We reside in prosperous city-states that are somewhat divided. In our language a city-state in the eighth century B.C.E., is also known as a poleis. Some of these poleis occured without outside influences, while others came to be becuase of different rates of economic development. The government of these city-states was usually headed by local notables or small monarchs. However, in cases like Athens, democracy is the rule and the society is male ted. Other sections of our notable country like Sparta, are strict military machines. Here fitness and health are stressed constantly. Also, women have more rights, such as the ability to go into town by themselves. Although we are all Greek, our nation is extremely diverse.
Blog Entry 2 --> Our proud nation is well known for the ever changing philosophies. One resident of our wonderful nation thart certainly made a name for himself was Socrates (470-399 B.C.E.) . This man was played a crucial role in the developement of philosophy that was based purely on human reason. He also had a disciple named Plato (430-347 B.C.E.) that was the one that placed all of Socrates brilliant ideas into written form. Socrates was Plato's mentor, which greatly influenced his ideas of great subtlety and allowed him to inspire his own disciple Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.). Aristotle was a man who did not limit himself to philosophy, writing books on biology, physics, astronomy, physcology, politics, ethics and literature. He was also known as "the master of those who know", and greatly influenced the developement of Islamic and European cultural traditions.
Blog Entry 3 --> Our nation of Greece since 2200 B.C.E., is in a prime area of the Mediterranean Basin. This made our nation flourish because of the easy trade access. Our mosty heavily traded items include olive oil and wine, which we exchange for grain and other items. Although our location is ideal, the soil and land is far from that. Due to the rocky soil, agriculture was difficult making trade a necessary comodity. However this constant trading greatly changed and strengthened our nation. Due to the amount of trading that occured the population soared. This severe increase in people also led our great nation to establish many more colonies. Even though trading is a necessary part of our lifestyle, it also helps the great nation of Greece.

The Wall

Phoenicians: Hey there people of Greece! Happy we Phoenicians could help you become an amazing society. We really focused on trade so it's great to hear that it helped you guys out.

Hey you guys! I know suprise! It's us the Turks. We just wanted to say that we have had our "issues" but we are looking past our horrible past and we are extremely happy that we are building a great relantionship. We plan to have a great future with you guys a very friendly future. -Turks

Hello Greeks, It’s your friends the Romans. We want to thank you for all of the cultural and technological advances you have contributed to our society, and we are proud to be a part of the Hellenistic empire with you- Ancient Rome
P.S. We are offended to not be mentioned in your friends list

Oh Greece, you know we love you.
<3 USA

You Greeks were the best neighbors, well until you became part of our empire. Too bad our Macedonian/Greek/Persian empire couldn't last too long. It was a wonderful mix of cultures. Have fun with your Olympic games. - Macedonians
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