Gupta Dynasty: 320 C.E.- 550 C.E. Location: Present Day India

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Some say it is Saliya, the son of King Dutugemunu, and Asokamala, the low caste girl he married, for which he lost his kingdom. Some believe it is Siva and Parvathi of Hindu mythology. Others believe it is a soldier visiting his wife after a long term of duty.


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We built many iron pillars that served the purpose of honoring our kings. We were also able to trade long distance over land. Two routes lead to far regions of Asia and Europe. The route traveling through the Hindu Kush mountains and through Persia and into the Mediterranean Basin. The other route was the silk roads the took goods from central Asia to China. The Indians exported cotton, black pepper, pearls, gems, and concoctions for horses from the western lands and silk from China.
Our strong military forces made us one of the strongest military empires in ancient India. We had the strength to help our dynasty survive until the nomadic invasions of the White Huns that sent our nation to decline.

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We left out governmental policies to be handled by our allies in our empire. Our empire was split when nomadic invaders cut the empire into administrative and nonadministrative regions. However, in the early fifteenth century we were able to bring our nation together with stability and prosperity.
By this time, child marriage was quite common. Parents would get their eight or nine year old daughters married to men in their twenties. This placed women under control of their older husbands who ordered them to take care of family matters and the home rather than public affairs.


Hinduism: We, the Guptas, and our descendants gave Hindu brahmins land grants and approved of the education system that taught the Hindu values.
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===Blog Entry One:===When Faxian, a Chinese Buddhist monk, traveled throughout India looking for Buddhist texts and scriptures, he left a positive remark on India's society. He was able to convince all those people who feared to travel the streets of India that it was possible. People feared that they would be molested or be caught and severely punished to be traveling without legal traveling papers. Faxian said, "India was a prosperous land with little crime.

Blog Entry Two:The Gupta empire rose through the hands of Chandra Gupta. He made fake relationships with strong powerful families and peoples in the Ganges region to establish the empire in 320 C.E. Gupta's beneficiaries, Samudra Gupta and Chandra Gupta II, made Pataliputra, the Magadhan capital, the center of his large empire. As both leaders collaborated to conquer the majority of other Indian empires, they formed alliances that did not want to fight a war. With the advantages from both successful leaders, our kingdom was able to rule most of the Indian subcontinent, except for the Deccan Plateau and southern India.

Blog Entry Three:
Our military force was based on infantry archers and the bow. The bow was usually made of metal fight of archers riding in on horses. Steel arrows were more effective due to the fact that they could penetrate think armor. Fire arrows were also used to fight off the enemy. Large iron shafts were used against armed elephants. The infantry was armed with shields, javelins, and long swords. The military force was also aware of catapult techniques. With great organization, discipline, and under the rule of Samudra Gupta and Chandra Gupta II, the military force of the Gupta dynasty was a success.

The Wall

-Mauryan Dynasty Yeah we know that you base your state in Magadha, where we also based our state. It is the perfect spot because of its wealth and dominance of the Ganges valley. Oh you guys think you're so awesome because our dynasty has already fallen. Well, guess what? Your empire is smaller in size, and has different political organization. Our Ashoka knew the details of regional affairs, and you guys just let the locals rule themselves. Pshhhhhh! You will be no match for the White Huns when they invade.
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