Haitians (1789-1804)

Here I am above [I'm the one on the horse] on the island of Hispaniola preparing our revolt against those who had enslaved us for so long...in this picture we are embarking upon a journey which proves to be the only sucessful slave revolt.


African Slaves


Our technology involves using horses in order to cause our strongest revolt. We also have weapons such as spears at this time which can be used in fighting. Although we have been put to a lower status by our slave holders we still have weapons but just not as strong as the other peoples.


As Haitians, we are a strong group of individuals. Living in the very hot Haiti, culturally we grow crops such as sugarcane, coffee, and export products such as wood. Rice and beans are also grown in Haiti, and therefore we usually incorporate those items into most of our classic dishes. We also enjoy listening and playing music which helps us to pass the time and bond with one another. Shown below are some of different cultural aspects of living in Haiti...
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Haitian masks...
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People working on the plantations in Haiti
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Above is a map which shows the region in which we live geographically..


Christianity is our main religion. Jesus is our savior and he was the one to guide us through and give us the courage to rebel against those who oppressed us.


Blog Entry One--1789
Revolution in France lately has been so strong. It amazing to hear how the people actually fight for their freedom there and are able to stand up against their leaders in order to gain their own voice and not have to listen to what the voices of others are telling them. There are 28,000 free blacks in France who are now able to make their name and be on their own...some I have heard are even wealthy plantation owners. All of the slaves in Haiti must learn to ban together!
Blog Entry Two--1791
I have gathered 35,000 men to come and rebel against being held as slaves for so long. Today was an amazing day to note in the history of all people who have ever existed on this earth, or who plan to exist. This is the first of what I feel will be a very long and strenuous battle that we will not let slip from our fingers as we have already gained so much through creating such a plan.
Blog Entry Three--13 years later; 1804
It has been 13 years since this war began--it is now 1804. Spanish, English, and French troops have fought one another for control of our colony. Grands blancs (rich white colonists), petits blancs (small farmers and working-class whites), mulatres (mulattoes), and noirs (free blacks) have all come together in such a revolution--I never could have imagined that this fight would be so incredibly strong! It has been said that great men have arisen from all of this terror, I Toussaint Louverture, being one of those men. Just yesterday, the final European troops were peacefully expelled from this island. It is said that tomorrow the rebel generals will give us independence. Haiti will be the first sovereign "black" country in the modern world and the second colony in the Western Hemisphere from Europe.

Below is an image of me, Toussaint Louverture

external image toussaint.jpg

The Wall

We made such a great team, driving out the French and leading the Haitian slaves to freedom. Our great leadership in Toussaint L'Overture made it possible to have the only successful slave revolt...and of course, the French were having some problems of their own at the time. In any case, you Haitians gave hope to all the rest of us, and gave us the courage to rise up against our oppressors in other places. I believe the Haitian revolt was a turning point in the slaves' worldwide battle for freedom, as several countries began abolishing the slave trade not long after we defeated the French and gained independence.
-African Slaves

I am so proud of you! I am very happy that we have been able to communicate with one another because I feel as if we have a lot of the game ideals and goals. Defeating the French like that! As a community! Wow, it really is something to brag about! Sure, we have revolted against local plantations, but you defeated a county's control! I am especially impressed with how you all unified to revolt. As you may know, we are a people of clans and take a great deal of pride in our community. WE should totally get together more often, I know some of you did help you with your revolution, but I think together we could really be a mighty power. Congrats on your freedom! Tell me if you ever want help with anything, because I feel as if it is something that would bother you, it would bother me too.
- Maroons

You overthrew a dominating European power? Us too!! Well, sort of. Okay, fine, our coming of independence wasn't quite as impressive as yours. The negotiation of Indian independence with the British was fairly peaceful due to our nonviolence policy of ahimsa, and instead of protesting with bloody revolutions, we protested with enthusiastic satyagrahas. But, ignoring those details, we both were colored victims of white imperialist nations. And we were both inspired to fight for independence by other peoples' nationalist activities (you by the French Revolution and us by the results of World War I, such as Wilson's Fourteen Points). We've got to say though, you really know how to go out in style :D -Indian National Congress
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