Han Dynasty ~ 206 B.C. - 24 A.D. ~ China

hanmap.gif--> a map of our dynasty


Xia Dynasty
Yuan Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty


We discovered paper which was one of our major inventions. Other major inventions were highly durable steel which we made by melting together wrought iron with cast iron. This helped our dynasty propser because the steel was highly durbale and could be used for many differnet things. Another great invention was the armillary sphere, which was invented by our very own Zhang Heng, who was also a poet. Our dynasty was a dynasty of great new technological advances. The silk road also helped us get many other technological advances. As well as iron tools we also has oxen drawn plows to help with our agriculture. Silk and Copper were also important matierials throughout our dynasty.

armillarysphere.jpg --> the great armillary sphere invented by Zhang Heng.
=Culture=Our dynasty was one of the most artistic of the bunch. The intellectual, literary, and artistic endeavors were revived and flourished during our time. It was a time of inventions and great inventors. There were also great mathematicians, astronomers and statesmen. This time period was a very intellectual one and people were becomign more and more educated with our dynasty.


Most of our people are Buddhists because Buddhism was introduced from India during our dynasty. People also practiced Confucianism but it was not as much a religion as a belief system.
buddha.jpg --> a representation of a buddha


Blog Entry 1: We have defeated the Qin army in the valley of Wei and here we are. Nobody was happy with the Qin leadership so we took matters into our own hands and defeated their tyrannical ways. We are starting to change their ways and take in the Confucian ideals. We want to change their Legalist form of government. The Qin dynasty is gone forever and we are here to stay!

Blog Entry 2: Our main goal is to unify China. The Qin tried to do this but they are not as strong as us. Wu Ti is here to help us and that will be better than the Qin. We want to expand and trade with people far away. We want to grow stronger than any chinese dynasty has before, to bring all of China together under our rule. Great things can come from our Han dynasty, great things will come from our Han dynasty.

Blog Entry 3: Emperor Ming Ti has passed away and the Han is falling apart. There are political problems that have arisen from our miltary sucess against the Turks and these problems are dividing China and changing everything we have worked for. We are trying to fight back but nothing is working. The Han dynasty has come to an end and three new kingdoms emerged, dividing China once again.

The Wall

Buddhists: We thank you very much for your following of our respectable religion. We have been trying to spread the word about unity, friendship, self-reliance, and all of your Buddhist beliefs. It is a pleasing thing to know that we have followers especially from the well developed Han dynasty. Thank you so much. May the best of luck be bestowed upon you.

Tyrannical !!! We were just doing what was necessary to keep China together. We put an end to the period of the warring states, we were saviors. We needed to enforce harsh measures to prevent uprisings and create a unified China. We standardized writing, weights and acheived many other goals that you utalize to mantain your empire. And as for being weaker, we were the first to conquer China, you just took the land we already owned into your hands, you didnt need to fight for it. WE will always be remembered for doing it first. -- Qin Dynasty
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